Do All Colleges Accept The Common App?

Not all colleges accept the Common App.

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No, not all colleges accept the Common Application. Only 600 of over 2,400 colleges in the US use the Common App. So, where does that leave you?

How the Common App Works

The Common App is an online application that allows students to apply to its member colleges with one application. This can be a huge time-saver for students who are applying to multiple colleges as they can simply fill out one application instead of individual application forms. The completed form is then sent out to whichever member college the student wishes to apply to.

This does not mean you can apply to all colleges on your list with the click of a button. It’s just the initial application that goes out. Once the college receives this initial application form, they then ask all applicants to fill in additional supplements with very specific requirements. Some may ask you to list your extracurricular activities with details on what you learned from each activity. Others may ask you to explain why you chose their college or a particular program or what you hope to learn from your selected program. Answering these questions will require you to put in some effort in order to get accepted into any of the colleges you have sent the application to.

What happens if you are applying to colleges that do not accept the Common App?

If a college that you’ve shortlisted does not accept the College App, you will have to apply to them directly. In which case the application process is a bit different than on the Common App. Here are a few helpful articles to get you started:

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