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Your Guide to Student Checking Accounts

Student checking accounts are designed with a range of features that are tailored to meet the unique needs of students enrolled in colleges and universities. The aim of checking accounts for college students is to simplify money management for first-time account holders. Opening a student checking account is a great way to lay a solid …
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Is Tuition Insurance Worth It?

What is tuition insurance, and is it worth it? There’s no single answer that’s right for all students. Buying tuition insurance can add to the already high cost of college. On the other hand, it can protect you financially should you find yourself in a position where you need to withdraw from school but your …
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10 Best Student Checking Accounts

Student checking accounts come with a number of features and perks that make it easier for college students to manage their money and build a banking history. These accounts typically have built-in automation tools that help you develop better saving habits, pay bills on time, and avoid overdrafts. You’ll also get access to a debit …
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7 Smart Ways to Use Your Graduation Money

You’ve graduated – Congratulations! Graduation day marks a major milestone in your journey toward adulthood. For the first time in your life, you’ll be truly independent and responsible for making your own decisions, personal and financial. The big question now is – what are you going to do with your college graduation money?  On graduating, …
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College Affordability: How Community College Can Help Fill the Gap

Financial stress and college affordability is a huge factor when choosing where to further your education. In fact, 70% of teens in 2023 (vs. 61% in 2022) have financial concerns about pursuing higher education.  This begs the question: Is making college affordable a real option for upcoming and current college students? We believe the answer …

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