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How To Make The Most Out Of Online Class Benefits

Attending online classes can be completely different from attending in-person classes. Is this your first experience outside the physical classroom? These tips will help you overcome common challenges and make the most of online class benefits. Tip #1 – Familiarize Yourself with Your School’s Virtual Portal Every college has its own uniquely designed virtual portal …
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How to Adjust to Online Learning During Quarantine

Almost all students are currently studying and working from home during the coronavirus outbreak. If you’re in this boat, you might find the switch to online learning a little jarring. In some cases, it can be a struggle. Here are some tips to help you better adjust. Focus on Communication Communication is key when it …
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Considering Online Colleges? How to Know if it’s Right for You!

Have you been considering attending an online college instead of a physical location? Many people find them convenient options! There are a few things you need to think about before deciding if online colleges are right for you. Here are three questions to ask yourself. Can You Stay Organized and Self Motivated? The biggest question …
Here are some online higher education trends to know about.
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5 Exciting Trends in Online Higher Education for 2017

The internet has unlocked amazing doors of opportunity for the world. One such opportunity was making knowledge accessible for communities that were previously isolated. According to the research report by the Babson Survey Research Group, there were around 5.8 million students who participated in some form of long-distance learning in 2014. This figure is continuously rising …
You can get financial aid for online college.
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Can You Get Financial Aid for Online Colleges?

Yes, students who enroll in online programs can get financial aid for online college. It’s actually (most of) the same financial aid options that are available to on-campus students. As with students studying at a traditional institution, online students can apply for Federal Student Loans, Scholarships and Grants, Private Loans and College-Sponsored Aid. Federal Student …
What are the pros and cons of online college?
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The Pros And Cons Of Online Colleges

Have you been thinking about enrolling in an online college instead of applying to a traditional brick-and-mortar university? Every year, thousands of students toy with the idea of enrolling in online programs. They sound less stringent and also less competitive. But are they really as idyllic as they sound? Will joining an online college work …
Here's the next step for elearning.
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E-learning: What Next?

Online education provides a quality alternative to on-the-ground degree programs. It offers students and working professionals greater flexibility as to time and place. Most programs are offered asynchronously, meaning students and professionals can take them at any time of the day or night. According to recent research, more than 70% of individuals think e-learning or …
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Pros and Cons of Online Degree Courses

Online degree courses have gained immense popularity in recent times. Despite all the popularity, the debate regarding these courses is usually revolving around two things. Some consider it to be the future of education. Others debate that it is a cheap alternative to traditional education. Deciding between online or traditional degree courses can be very …
Are you planning on enrolling in online m ed programs or mat programs?
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Online M.Ed./MAT Program Admissions: What You Need to Get In

There are numerous benefits to getting your Master’s in Education. Not only will your pedagogical knowledge expand, but you will also broaden your network of fellow teachers, become eligible for leadership roles, and receive a nice pay increase. As you’re considering applying to online M Ed programs or MAT programs, one of the first questions …

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