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Important Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

If you’re earning your bachelor’s degree, you’re going to have to meet certain requirements. Bachelor degree requirements usually include a minimum GPA in your classes as well as a mix of general education, major, and elective courses that add up to at least 120 credits. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know …
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How Many Weeks Are In a College Semester?

A semester is one of three main systems that colleges in the US use for dividing the academic year A semester in college has on average 15 weeks A typical college semester divides the year into two parts – the fall semester and the spring semester Colleges in the US may use the semester, trimester, …
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What Is The Dean’s List In College?

  The dean’s list is a prestigious honor bestowed on students who demonstrate academic excellence in a single semester or term. You need a good GPA, typically 3.5 or higher, to earn a spot on the Dean’s list. There are several benefits to having this award on your transcript. What is the Dean’s List? The …
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How to Graduate College Early: The Pros and Cons

Key Takeaways Graduating college early can be done by planning ahead, taking AP classes in high school, maximizing semester credit hours and taking summer courses. Pros of graduating early include saving money and starting your career or graduate school earlier. Those who graduate early from college should consider they will likely have a heavy workload …
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What is Academic Dismissal?

Academic probation is when a student receives a notice for poor academic performance and grades. If the grades are not improved, the student could face academic dismissal which means the individual is no longer considered a student at the college. Understanding what this means and how to file an appeal are essential to taking the …
There are different kinds of degrees you can get!
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How To Graduate College in 3 Years

For students on a strict budget or those who want to enter the workforce a bit faster, completing your bachelor’s degree in 3 years can be enticing. It is possible to complete your bachelor’s degree and graduate college in 3 years, but it takes solid planning and forethought. Here are some things you should consider …
View of Carleton College, a school on a trimester schedule.
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Trimester vs Semester: What’s the Difference?

‘Trimester’ vs ‘semester’ are terms that describe different teaching or curricular periods in an academic year. The semester system divides the academic calendar into two terms of 15 weeks each. The trimester system divides the academic calendar into three terms and the length varies by institution. Neither one is universally better than the other – …

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