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What Are Charter and Magnet Schools?

Charter and magnet schools have become the focus of much debate in the US this past year. Most people know that both of these are alternatives to traditional public schools or expensive private schools. The problem that many have however is understanding what the differences are between the two. Also, how are they different from …
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What Are Credit Hours In College?

Sometimes, trying to understand the different terms used in college can feel like learning a whole new language. Credit hours are one of the many new terms that high school students encounter when they start college. What are credit hours in college? Well, in short, credit hours refer to the number of hours you spend …
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How Can I Research Colleges Near Me?

One important factor to consider when searching for your college choices is do you want to go to school in another state, somewhere nearby, or somewhere in between? If you decide to go to college near your hometown, you’ll definitely want to search for “colleges near me.” Here are some tips to find and research …
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Should I Attend Community College First?

Most community colleges are two-year institutions. There are many reasons that attending community college for two years and then transferring to a 4-year university is a good idea. However, there may be a few circumstances in which choosing this path may not be beneficial for you. Understanding the benefits and downsides of attending community college …
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What Makes a Good College Fit?

One phrase you’ll see a lot of while searching for colleges is “good fit.” For example: “You want a school that’s a good fit for you.” “A good fit is more important than a brand name school.” But what exactly makes a “good fit?” What should you be looking for? Academic Match College is first …
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What Is The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program?

The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program is one of eight programs that make up the Federal TRIO Programs. While the aim of all programs within the Federal TRIO Programs is to provide assistance and support to students from underrepresented sections of society, each program focuses on a different aspect. The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate …
Here are some frequently asked questions about study abroad programs
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FAQS About Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad programs offer participants an irresistible combination of experiencing a new culture, and gaining a new global perspective, while at the same time obtaining a high-quality education. It opens your eyes to a whole new world out there. The type of experience and the quality of education you will get will depends on the …
When should you start packing for college
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When Should You Start Packing for College?

You’ve received your college acceptance letter and cannot wait for the semester to begin. Meanwhile, your days are packed with trying to catch up with friends and making the most of those last few unscheduled days. Regardless of how much you have going on, you are going to have to find some time to pack …
Everyone seems to have a different opinion on when you declare your major.
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When Do I Have to Declare a College Major?

It seems that everybody has a different take on just when to declare a college major. Some say you should declare it right on your application, others say after freshman year. While each of those examples have their pros and cons, it begs the question: when do you have to declare? Declare Your College Major …