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You Picked the Wrong College, Now What?

What to do if you picked the wrong college: Ask yourself the hard questions. Talk to your college advisor. Consider your options. Choosing a college is a major decision for several reasons. For one thing, it’s a huge investment of time and money and you want to make sure the investment is worth it. Moreover, …
Going abroad over the summer can impress college admissions and is one of many summer activities
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How To Plan for Your First College Semester of Study Abroad

What’s one thing adventurous college students set their sights on? Studying abroad. The extremely adventurous may take that one step further and take their first semester to study abroad. Studying abroad during your first semester of college can be incredibly exciting and eye-opening. But can you study abroad during your first semester of college?  Let’s …
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What is Competency-Based Education (CBE)?

A college education is a privilege that many students hope to experience during their academic journey. However, the traditional learning style of college doesn’t work for everyone and can discourage some from pursuing higher education and their dream careers. So, what can someone do if they desire a college education but need a different approach?  …
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What is the Difference Between a Major and Minor in College?

When pursuing a bachelor’s degree, you’re going to often hear the question from family members and friends, “So what are you majoring in?” Choosing a major is required at most colleges and universities across the United States (though there are exceptions). Students also might consider minors, too. But what is the difference between a major …
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What is ROTC?: A 2-Minute Guide

ROTC is a military program that is available at over 1,700 colleges and universities in the United States. Participants in ROTC may be eligible for a scholarship that covers the cost of their tuition and college expenses. Participants in the program must commit to serving after graduation for a set number of years. There are …
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A Quick Guide to Free Community Colleges

In certain states, yes, community colleges can be entirely free! Not all states offer these types of programs, however, and many of them have restrictions on eligibility. But if you qualify, you could very well receive a free ride to community college! Keep reading to learn more about which states have programs, who qualifies, and …
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Your Guide to National Student Employment Week

The National Student Employment Week takes place on April 9-15, 2023, always falling on the second full week of April every year. College Raptor is here to show student staff members just how impactful they can be on their college campus and that their outstanding work is appreciated throughout the academic year. Student employees are …

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