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Are Graduation Rates an Indicator of a College’s Quality?

Can you use a graduation rate to determine the quality of a college? questions & answers
A very debated topic, it’s still not entirely decided whether a college’s graduation rate is a good indicator of the school’s quality or not. Whether this number gives you a clear picture or not really depends. Look Beyond the Numbers There is one fact that stands, even among the debate, for a school to be …

Should I Attend A Faith-Based College? Pros and Cons

A chapel with a sunset in the background. questions & answers
Are you considering attending a faith-based college? It could be a great choice if you are looking for the kind of environment and benefits that a faith-based college offers. However, there are a few downsides to attending such a college. Before you choose a faith-based college, it pays to understand the cons too so that …

What is a College Endowment and Why is it So Important?

A pile of dollar bills. questions & answers
As you get into college prep, you may come across the term “college endowment” quite a few times. But what exactly does it mean? What is a college endowment? An endowment refers to the amount of money a college receives in donations. This endowment is then used for a variety of things—scholarships, upgrading facilities, hiring …

What is a 2+2 College Program?

2 + 2 questions & answers
Across the country, 2+2 programs are becoming increasingly popular. You may have come across the term during your college prep, but what exactly does it mean? Is a 2+2 program right for you? Community College to a 4-Year Institution Simply put, a 2+2 program is attending a community college for two years, then transferring to …

What Is A “Carnegie Classification?”

A Carnegie Classification is mainly used for educational and research purposes in order to identify groups of comparable institutions. questions & answers
‘Carnegie Classification’ is the shortened version of ‘Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education’. The classification, for educational and research purposes, identifies groups of comparable institutions. History of the Carnegie Classification Created in 1970, the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education published for the first time in 1974. Its main aim was to create a …

What Is An Alternative (Or Non-Traditional) High School?

Should you consider sending your student to an alternative high school? questions & answers
Alternative, or non-traditional, high schools are special schools. They provide a learning experience completely different from those provided by traditional means. This is a rather broad explanation, however. Within this definition, there can be significant variations from one school to another. There is no one thing that differentiates alternative schools from traditional schools. Some may …