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7 Fun & Practical Gifts for College Students

Colonel Popper popcorn maker gifts for college students student life

Whether your roommate has a birthday coming up or you want to get something special for your sorority sister or fraternity brother during rush season, we’ve found some of the fun (and practical!) gifts for college students that you’re sure to love. Knock Knock Note Pads, Crap To Do Does your friend keep making to-do …

5 Handy Dorm Accessories for Your Bed

BedShelfie dorm accessories student life

As a college student, you probably spend a lot of time on your dorm bed. Aside from sleeping, you might do your studying or watch a movie from the comfy spot. These five dorm accessories will make it much easier to do all your work and comfort from bed! BedShelfie Original Bedside Shelf Have you …

5 Fantastic Floor Lamps for College Dorms

Light Accents floor lamps student life

Let’s face it—those ceiling fluorescent lights that are standard fixtures most dorm rooms are just plain ugly. They do nothing to add to the ambiance of the room and are not the ideal lighting either for when you need to study or get ready for an event. These 5 floor lamps look great in any …