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Clever (and Cheap) Halloween Costumes for College Students

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When it comes to Halloween, college students are often just as excited as little kids. On campuses around the country students will dress up and head out to parties or school-sponsored events. In honor of the fun holiday, here are some clever, and most importantly affordable, last-minute DIY Halloween costumes! Smart Cookie High school grad …

The Ultimate Finals Survival Kit for College

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While finals may be the bane of every college student’s existence, they are survivable. Smart study sessions, mental breaks, plenty of sleep, and a healthy diet are all ways to keep afloat, but there’s another thing every student needs—a survival kit. We’ve scoured Amazon for the best items to help college students through the hardcore …

Ideal Dorm Room Supplies: Bedding & Towels

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One of the most important items to bring to your college dorm is bedding. After all, you’ll call the room home for at least your freshman year (if not longer). Bedding is about much more than just comfort and sleep, it’s a way to express yourself and liven up your space. We’ve picked some of …

The Many Benefits of Studying Abroad During College

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College is the perfect time to try new things, broaden your horizons, and prepare for your future. After your first couple of years as a student, you may want to spread your wings even further. You may feel the urge to step outside of the culture you’ve always known, and see the world! Studying Abroad …