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Tired student sleeping during 8 am classes
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How To Get the Most Out of Your 8 AM Classes

If you start searching on Google about 8 AM classes, one of the first autocomplete suggestions that pops up is “8 am classes should be illegal.” Many college students hate 8 am classes, and for good reason. The student may have an evening class that makes getting up at the crack of dawn difficult. Or …
Home care packages can help you with homesickness
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College Care Package 101

Sending a college care package is a nice way to support your loved ones during their busy college days—especially if they’re still adjusting to being on their own. But what do you include in care packages for college students? We’ve collected some college care package ideas and packing tips to help you brighten any college …
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10 Unique Winter Campus Activities

Winter on campus is often associated with chilly weather and cozy study sessions, but why not spice things up with unique winter activities that go beyond the ordinary? As the temperatures drop, many campuses transform into winter wonderlands, offering a range of distinctive and enjoyable activities to make the most of the season. In this …
People ice skating at Rockefeller Center in winter.
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10 Fun Things To Do in December

Spice up your December with this list of fun things to do in the winter. We’ve rounded up activities for all to enjoy this season. December is a time filled with holidays and cozy cheer. No matter where you are, in a cold or warm climate, you can bring on all the comfy feels with …
Students getting together when home for college.
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What To Expect When Your Kids Come Home From College

There’s nothing quite like the joy of having your kids back home after their time away at college! As a parent, you’ve likely been counting down the days until their return, imagining all the quality time and shared experiences you’ll have together. As you both evolve as humans, so does your relationship. It can feel …
Celebrating fall.
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Celebrating Thanksgiving With International Students

Thanksgiving is a special holiday in the United States. It’s a time when friends and family gather to share a delicious meal and give thanks for all the good things in their lives. So how do you go about celebrating Thanksgiving with international students who might not be familiar with this American tradition? They should …
Friends celebrating Friendsgiving.
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Friendsgiving Celebration Ideas for College Students

The holiday season is full of fun celebrations and times to be festive. With Halloween coming to a close, Thanksgiving close behind it, and then winter break soon after that, it’s a packed season. But there is one other holiday missing from this list, and that’s Friendsgiving. Friendsgiving is a time to be thankful and …
Campus radio station.
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10 Event Ideas for College Students

College offers a wealth of opportunities, from academics to networking and professional development. If you want to take on a more active role on campus and build your resume, organizing and hosting events is an excellent way to showcase your leadership abilities and become more engaged. Wondering how to get started? We’ve compiled a list …

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