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Transferring colleges can be stressful. Here are some myths that we can disprove
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5 Reasons Students Transfer Colleges?

While many college students start and graduate from the same college or university, this isn’t the case for all! Some students have reasons to transfer colleges at certain points in their education. Some factors, like, they may find the college isn’t for them, their finances or changed, or transferring was always a part of their …
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10 Christmas Gifts Every College Student Wants

It’s that time of year when college students get to send their wishlists off to family members and hope to receive Christmas gifts that make their college experience better. If the college student in your life has yet to give you the list and you’re scrambling to find the right gifts for them, we’re here …
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5 Great Tips for Time Management

As a college student, it can sometimes feel like managing your time is impossible. There is so much freedom that comes with going off to college, but your time management skills may suffer because of it. In high school and when you live at home, you have teachers and parents on your case asking you …
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Have a Bad Professor? Tips to Get You Through the Semester

Throughout college, you won’t always have the best professors each semester and in every class. If you’re stuck with a bad professor, or specifically a mean professor, it can cause a lot of stress. What qualifies someone as a bad professor though? Well, it can be different for each student and each professor. Their teaching …
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How to Catch up on School Work: Easy Steps to Catch You up!

All college students have been there. It’s most likely close to midterms and you feel like you’re drowning in homework, assignments, projects, and papers. Whether it’s your freshman or senior year, this happens to everyone. Catching up on your schoolwork can feel impossible, but we assure you it’s not! The first step is to recognize …
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Black Friday deals for Students (And Cyber Monday!)

As the holidays are approaching, one of our favorite yearly events is happening – Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday! If you’re new to Black Friday or Cyber Monday, on Thanksgiving weekend stores have great sales, so you can shop for your holiday gifts and home essentials at lower prices. At no extra cost to …
One of MIT's Halloween traditions is the pumpkin drop.
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15 Fun Halloween Costumes for College Students

It’s officially spooky season, so it’s time to start thinking about your Halloween costume. As a college student, Halloween is one of the biggest events of the year (cue the infamous Mean Girls quote). As we get closer to the holiday, your local costume stores may be running out of supplies so deciding on your …
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Types of Academic Calendars

Types of academic calendars can vary depending on your university and the program you are enrolled in. There are many benefits for colleges to have different calendar systems since there are so many students who want to attend. Not every student will need a traditional school schedule so it’s important for colleges to cater to …