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A student getting a Covid-19 vaccine as required by her college
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Are Colleges Requiring COVID-19 Vaccinations?

If you’re getting ready to attend college in the fall, you may have to get a few vaccinations before the first semester. MMR and HPV are two common ones that are already requested by colleges. You may be wondering though – are colleges requiring COVID-19 vaccinations? It Depends on the State Whether or not your …
Two high school seniors reading outside during summer to prep for college.
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5 Things Seniors Can Do This Summer to Prep For College

Congratulations on graduating high school! Though you should definitely take some time for yourself this summer, you don’t want to put off college prep too long. There are a few things you’ll need to do to ensure your first semester starts without a hitch and is less stressful overall. Here are 5 things seniors can …
Freshman at college orientation
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What is College Orientation?

College orientation is an event designed for incoming freshmen to a school. While almost every college and university has one, do you know what they entail? We’ll cover what you can expect, how you can make the most of it, and how you can prepare. What is College Orientation? College orientation is a way to …
student graduating with honors
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What are the Graduating Latin Honors for College Students?

Graduating with Latin honors is an indication of academic achievement beyond completion of the basic requirements for earning a college degree. There are three levels of graduating honors – Cum laude, Magna cum laude, and Summa cum laude. Types of Graduating Latin Honors & Minimum Requirements for Each The exact requirements for each honor level …
Student attending online class on her laptop.
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How Do Online College Classes Work?

This transition from traditional to the virtual classroom hasn’t been easy for everyone. It takes time to adjust to a new learning platform. If this is your first experience with online college classes, it helps to know what to expect. Here’s how online college classes work. Structure of Online Classes The exact structure of online classes …
A college student working out his class schedule.
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Building a College Class Schedule: Spacing Vs Blocking

Curious about building a college class schedule? Blocking and spacing both have their pros and cons. Here are some things to remember as you pick and choose your classes and times. Block Scheduling Block scheduling is very similar to high school schedules, where you attend one class and immediately head to the next after the …
Summer classes at a college.
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Should You Take Summer Classes in College?

One common question that students ask is whether or not they should take summer classes in college. Although the answer depends on the particular student and their goals, there are two pros and two cons that should be considered. Pro: You Can Graduate Faster The biggest pro when it comes to taking summer classes in …
Student graduating in the class of 2020.
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3 Motivational Commencement Speeches by Celebrities | Class of 2020

Every year, celebrities take part in motivational commencement speeches to help send graduates off to the next stage in their life, whether that be furthering their education, joining the workforce, or another path. 2020 was a bit different with the coronavirus, and most commencement speeches occurred virtually rather than in-person. Here are a few of …
Student in graduation cap and gown
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COVID-19 and Graduation Ceremony Alternatives

With many states saying students will not be returning to school for the 2019–2020 year, seniors are left wondering what exactly will happen to their graduation. There’s no clear answer yet, but here are some of the graduation ceremony alternatives they’re currently opting for. Each School is Handling it Differently Each school across the United …
A college student's laptop with a book icon for online classes.
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The Pros And Cons Of Online Classes

Over the past few years, online classes have become increasingly more popular with students around the globe. That comes as no surprise when you consider the convenience that online classes offer. It also comes as no surprise that people are divided in their opinion of online schools. Some are all for it, others firmly against. …