College Raptor’s Hidden Gems 2024

College Raptor’s Hidden Gems rankings puts the spotlight on amazing schools that you may not have heard of before. These designations are based on College Raptor’s overall national rankings as well as the number of factors unique to the Hidden Gems lists.

This year’s lists include Hidden Gem schools organized by state and by region. In addition, we pulled out top-ranked hidden gems schools for:

To qualify as a College Raptor Hidden Gem, a school must meet the following requirements:

  • Receive fewer than 5,000 applications a year.
  • Have fewer than 7,000 undergraduate students enrolled.
  • Have an acceptance rate higher than 10%.
  • Have 5 or more unique majors.

For more information on methodology behind our college rankings, check out our ranking methodology breakdown.

Map of 2024 Hidden Gem Colleges.
hidden gems 2024

Hidden Gem Colleges in the US | 2024 Rankings

College Raptor’s Hidden Gem College Rankings puts a spotlight on amazing schools in the US that you may not have heard of before. When we talk about hidden gems, they all have three things in common:  They are accessible. They are good schools (generally within the top third of College Raptor’s overall rankings). They are …
hidden gems 2024

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hidden gems 2024

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hidden gems 2024

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hidden gems 2024

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hidden gems 2024

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America’s heartland (or, the Plains region as we call it) is vast, fertile, and filled with various industries. Additionally, it’s home to a bunch of amazing colleges. These colleges are standouts for a reason, and, while they may not be household names, they’re definitely worth a look when you want to further your education. These …
hidden gems 2024

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Also known as the Mid-Atlantic region, the mid-east region of the United States is home to some of the most amazing colleges in the country. Some pre-date the American Revolution! With so many standout names, though, it can be easier to overlook some colleges that deserve more attention. We aim to highlight those in this …

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