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5 Great Calculators for College Students

Whether you’re taking college courses in high school or starting your first year of college, you need a calculator you can rely on! This list of calculators will help you find the perfect match for your needs, wants, and budget, including some additional information on what you should look for in a calculator for your …
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11 Awesome Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

At no extra cost to you, College Raptor may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.  Teaching is one of the most important professions someone could have. They are shaping the minds of the next generation after all! Teachers are the real gift, so they deserve a few trinkets and presents of …
We're trying to increase mental health awareness.
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Ways for College Students to Manage Stress and Anxiety

According to the National College Health Assessment, 34.2% of college students reported stress affecting their academic performance and 27.8% of college students reported anxiety affecting their academic performance. Stress and anxiety in students are not uncommon during their college experience. Going to college can be exciting, but it can also cause financial worries, emotional problems, …
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Tips for Surviving Your First Semester of Grad School

Congratulations! You’ve graduated with your undergraduate degree and now you’re pursuing higher education. Your first semester of grad school can seem intimidating, especially if you decided to go to a different school than your undergraduate degree. Those first-day jitters when you’re older feel much heavier, and imposter syndrome can really start to settle in. But …
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How to Set and Meet Realistic Educational Goals

If you look at all successful college students, you’ll see one thing in common. They have educational SMART goals! Setting realistic goals while you’re in college will help you stay on track and help you reach career goals after you graduate! Here are some realistic and effective goals for students to improve their academic skills …