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Four More Must-Have Study Apps for Students

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Using the right technology can help students save time and boost grades. Be sure to check out the first list of must-have apps. If you are a student, here are four must-have apps: ShuffleStudy ShuffleStudy is a note-taking app that turns notes into flash cards. It’s available for Mac, Windows, and IOS. How does ShuffleStudy …

What NOT To Pack For College

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As you’re making your list of what to bring to college this year, you’ll probably write down quite a few items that you end up not wanting to bring or you shouldn’t be taking to the dorm at all. Here are a few things you should definitely not be adding to the packing list: Prohibited …

Tips for First Generation College Students

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First generation college students often face a more difficult transition when starting school than students whose parents, grandparents, and beyond have attended college. First generation students tend to deal with a unique set of barriers in addition to the common problems that many incoming freshmen face. It’s important that these difficulties don’t prevent first generation …