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Here are some tips on how to improve your GPA in college.
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How to Improve Your GPA in College

There comes a time when you have to put aside everything you have been doing and weigh your GPA. Some people find it difficult to improve on their current track record while others don’t need to because they have good results or low aspirations. But how can you improve your GPA in college, and before …
Pay attention, and not just in class!
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Advice for Incoming College Freshmen: Pay Attention!

This past May, I graduated from college after four years of working hard, barely working, and everything in between. My younger brother is heading into his sophomore year of college, and several friends and family have kids heading away for the first time, ready to tackle their freshman year with gusto. I can’t help but …
Here are our tips and tricks for your freshman move-in day
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Freshman Move-In Day Tips, Tricks, and Advice

The week before and during freshman move-in day can be chaotic, overwhelming, and exciting all at once. The thought of living in a new environment, making new friends, having to familiarize yourself with new rules and schedules—all of this can be exciting. But it can be stressful as well. Not knowing what’s in store can …
Use dorm decor to make your dorm room a reflection of yourself
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Dorm Decor Essentials For Your Style

Pssst…school is around the corner. If you haven’t started your back to school or back to dorm shopping, now is the time to get a jump on it! When planning out your first dorm room (or your fourth), it’s important that you make it a reflection of you and your unique style and vision. Here’s …
Find your writer's voice
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Helping Students Find Their Writer’s Voice

Your writing voice reflects the unique way in which you view the world. You don’t want to sound like anyone else but you. A writer’s voice is like an artist’s signature. It is unique to the work and cannot be copied. Having your own unique voice is ideal for college and scholarship application essays! You …