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How Often You Should Meet With Your College Academic Advisor

A college advisor talking to their student. tips tools & advice
In all colleges, incoming students are assigned a college academic advisor who works closely with them throughout their four (or more) years in college. Academic advisors play a crucial role in guiding students towards their educational goals. They help students explore their academic interests and possible majors, choose the right courses each semester, and develop …
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6 Ways to Master a New Language During College

learn a new language tips tools & advice
The free time of every college student is significantly limited by studies. Written assignments, reports, readings, and other tasks are an inevitable part of life during that period. Seems like the college is not the perfect time for learning a new language, right? Well, wrong. Studies have shown that the younger you are, the easier …
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Great Tips to Study the Subjects You Absolutely Hate

Letters on dice that spell out "study." tips tools & advice
You really need to study for one of your classes, but you’re in agony and incredibly bored just thinking about it. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Students often want to study the subjects of their choice—their chosen major—but what about all of the additional classes? Those topics can seem unnecessary, but they are still important for …
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4 Tips to Minimize the Odds of Dropping Out of College

Many college students are dropping out of college. tips tools & advice
The statistics on college dropouts are alarming—about 45% of students who enroll in college end up dropping out of college without graduating. That’s a scary thought, especially when you consider the expenses they would have incurred towards the terms completed. College tuition is expensive. For most students, the only way to afford a college education …
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How to Improve Your GPA in College

Here are some tips on how to improve your GPA in college. tips tools & advice
There comes a time when you have to put aside everything you have been doing and weigh your GPA. Some people find it difficult to improve on their current track record while others don’t need to because they have good results or low aspirations. But how can you improve your GPA in college, and before …
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How To Set Up A Communication Schedule With Your Family Back Home

Set up a communication schedule so you can stay in touch with family tips tools & advice
The inability to communicate every day and share the many little things that happened to you is one of the most difficult things about attending college far from home. But heading off to college does not necessarily have to mean cutting off all communication completely. Fortunately, we live in an age where communicating with anyone …
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