11 Awesome Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

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Teaching is one of the most important professions someone could have. They are shaping the minds of the next generation after all! Teachers are the real gift, so they deserve a few trinkets and presents of their own. We’ve put together a list of teacher appreciation gifts that will show your gratitude to your favorite educators. You don’t have to wait for Teacher Appreciation Week or Teacher’s Day to show your love either! These teacher gifts will be great no matter the type of teacher they are! 

11 Inspiring Ideas for Teacher Gifts

1. Leader of Tiny Humans Coffee Cup

This teacher’s mug is one of our favorite teachers’ gifts on this list. Most teachers are coffee lovers or enjoy hot tea, so why not give them a special mug to use at home or school? The cup says “Leader of Tiny Humans” and even comes with a matching keychain to put classroom keys on! It can hold 11 ounces of your teacher’s favorite beverage and will look beautiful on their desk. And bonus: It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe! Perfect for heating coffee in the teacher’s lounge.

2. Classroom Supplies

No matter how many pencils a teacher may have, there will never be enough! Teachers’ gifts that are used by the students are super helpful (and there are so many to choose from!). Purchase things like:

These really show your teacher appreciation! If you want to make it look nicer, use a personalized gift basket to add all the school supplies for the perfect gift. This practical gift helps teachers save money and they can use it in the new school year if it doesn’t get used the first time around. 

3. Reusable Water Bottle 

A reusable water bottle not only cuts down on plastic waste but is convenient! Teachers can fill it with water or their favorite beverage throughout the day. One of our favorites is the Yeti Tumbler which comes in multiple colors and is insulated, so it’ll keep their drink cold or hot all day long. Another great one is the Stanley Cup! It comes in multiple sizes ranging from 14 ounces to 40 ounces. This reusable water bottle also has a great variety of colors. We love this teacher appreciation gift so much because you can gift it for all occasions. Add a cute saying on the gift tag for a personalized touch!

4. Work Tote Bag

If you’ve noticed your child’s teacher doesn’t have a work bag then this is the perfect teacher appreciation gift for them! A work bag fits a variety of things and is helpful to have as a teacher, making it a practical gift for all teachers. This isn’t a typical teacher’s gift but one that would be very appreciated. The BagSmart tote and TopDesign bag are both great options and are built to last. 

5. Classroom Library 

Depending on the grade they teach, you can purchase books to contribute to the class library! Whether they’re a high school teacher or fourth-grade teacher, this useful gift will be appreciated. Give the gift of an eGift Card from Scholastic for your teacher’s classroom. Or go to your local bookshop to find books of the desired reading level and give the gift of knowledge!

6. Mini Air Purifier

It’s no secret that classrooms can be full of germs so why not eliminate them with a mini air purifier? A practical teacher appreciation gift is always smart which is why the Levoit air purifier is on our list of best teachers’ gifts. 

7. At-Home Spa Kit

Give your child’s teachers the gift of relaxation with an at-home spa kit. After a long day at school teaching over 20 students, unwinding with a spa kit like the Green Canyon Spa kit will truly help them out. With this option, you can choose from lavender and cherry blossom for the ultimate relaxing gift for teachers. 

8. Teacher Stamps

Writing on every child’s homework papers can get tiring but with teacher stamps, it’s easier than ever! With cute designs and eight different messages, your child’s teacher will love leaving messages on homework and assignments. 

9. Funky Socks

Who doesn’t love a pair of cool socks? These Best Teacher Ever socks are colorful and very comfortable. Teachers can wear this appreciation gift at home, school, and even at the gym! These socks are a universal fit so don’t worry about choosing the right size. There are multiple sayings to choose from so you can get every teacher on your teachers’ gift roster a pair. 

10. Teacher Coloring Book

Coloring books aren’t just for students. This Teacher Swear Word Coloring Book is funny, witty, and perfect for decompressing after a long day at school. (Don’t worry, they’re not real swear words but instead alternative swear words that people use!) 

11. Teacher Gift Cards

If the gifts on this list don’t seem like something the teacher in your child’s life would enjoy, purchasing a gift card might be a better option. Gift cards are versatile and can be used for almost anything. Gift cards for gas, groceries, supplies, and even cash cards are a great option and a perfect teacher appreciation gift.

Check your student’s school website. Some schools have teachers post a “favorite things” list that can help guide your teacher appreciation gift. In any case a Target gift card, Amazon gift card, or Visa gift card will be greatly appreciated. Your child’s teacher can buy exactly what they need so your gift will never go wasted. 

Showing your appreciation to the teachers of the next generation is encouraging and shows them that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Whether you need teachers’ Valentine’s gifts or teachers’ Christmas gifts, College Raptor has you covered! Just use this list of best teachers’ gifts to show your gratitude.

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