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4 Reasons Lender Longevity Matters

There are several factors you need to take into consideration when looking for student loans. To start with, you’ll need to compare interest rates and fees so you can find the lowest-cost loan. You also need to look into each lender’s terms and conditions, protections, and penalties. There’s one other factor that not many people …
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Do Community Colleges Have Dorms?

A majority of community colleges do not have dorms available to their students. While there are definitely exceptions, they are rare. Most 4-year colleges and universities offer some sort of student housing. Here’s a deeper dive into why community colleges don’t tend to have dorms, plus a rundown of your other options if you need …

What is a No Essay Scholarship?

Scholarships have plenty of different requirements in order to be eligible. Some may ask for a certain GPA or higher. Others can ask that your natural hair color be red. There really is no limit to what they’ll ask for! These awards also ask you for information ranging from your contact details to your goals …
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Choosing a Roommate: Friend or Randomly Assigned

Getting a roommate assignment (or choosing one if you are allowed) while you’re in college is one of the most exciting things! It’s a friend you get to live with, share meals with, and share everything together! For some, that doesn’t sound as exciting but when you’re living with the right roommates, it can be. …
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5 In-Demand Career Fields for Communications Majors 

Do you love the written and spoken word? A communications major might just be fore you! Its curriculum includes a wide range of subjects such as mass media, journalism, corporate communication, public relations, and more. A foundation in these subjects prepares graduates for careers in several different fields, from human resources and education to media, …