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College Trends: More Bachelor’s Degrees in Community Colleges

Can you get a bachelor’s degree at a community college? That’s a question that all students have when anyone suggests looking into community college. The question is not surprising. Up until a few years ago, community colleges didn’t offer bachelor’s degrees. The good news is that’s changed over the past few years. Today, there’s a …

NEWS RELEASE: College Raptor Releases 2023 ‘Hidden Gem’ Colleges

Iowa City, IA (Sept. 28, 2022) – College Raptor, the most accurate and comprehensive college search site, released its “2023 Hidden Gem College” rankings. In its 8th year, the rankings put a spotlight on amazing colleges and universities, one in each state and Washington D.C., that students may not know about but certainly deserve consideration. …
Thanks to technology, students can opt for distance learning.
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College Trends: Distance Learning

Distance learning was already increasing in popularity before the pandemic. After the pandemic, it has become one of the fastest-growing college trends. There are several reasons for this huge surge in popularity of distance learning. But first, it helps to understand exactly what is distance learning. What Is Distance Learning? Distance learning refers to the …
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Hidden Gem Colleges in the US | 2023 Rankings

The best treasures are worth looking for and may even be hidden right beneath your nose. That’s true for colleges as well. With our 2023 Hidden Gem Colleges, we highlight colleges and universities that students may not have heard of before. These are all amazing schools and are worth exploring for academic, financial, and social …
Hidden Gems Colleges Middle Class Affordability
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Most Affordable Hidden Gem Colleges for the Middle Class | 2023 Rankings

It’s no secret that college can be expensive. But that doesn’t mean “not affordable.” This year, College Raptor wanted to highlight some hidden gem colleges that are most affordable for the middle class. We rank the most affordable colleges based on the estimated net price at each institution for a “typical” middle-class family. We defined …
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Alternative College Funding: Better Ways to Pay for College

Funding a college education can be challenging. The majority of college students graduate with thousands of dollars in student loan debt. While student loans are easily available from the federal government and private lenders, they come at a high price. Student loan borrowers spend the next twenty or even thirty years repaying their student loans. …
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Ballooning Tuition Fees: How To Meet The Steep Cost Of College

For many students across America, the steep cost of tuition is the biggest deterrent to attending college. With tuition fees increasing every year and no corresponding increase in income, the cost of college becomes even more unaffordable every consecutive year. Most students are forced to take on thousands of dollars in student loans to cover …