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Myth: Applying To Scholarships Is A One-Time Thing


There are countless scholarships out there and each one has its own unique qualifying criteria and guidelines. Some scholarships offer one-off awards, while others may be recurring, provided that you meet the renewal requirements. However, the one thing in common among all scholarship opportunities is that you are not limited to applying only for your …

Scholarships For Earth Science Majors


Are you intrigued about the origin of the Earth, the reason behind the continental drift or why earthquakes, volcanoes and tornadoes occur? If you are planning on majoring in a field that will allow you do more research on these occurrences, you should check out these scholarships that are reserved for Earth Science students. In …

Bad Financial Aid “Advice” To Avoid

financial aid

If you are applying to college, you are sure to be looking for advice about student loans. While there is plenty of really good advice out there, we’ve come across some bad advice that you would do best to avoid. Filing the FAFSA is a waste of time if your family income is above average …