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College Raptor Staff
Applying to college can be challenging, and so we at College Raptor feel it's our duty to make that process as easy, smooth, and rewarding as possible. We work hard to clarify dense material, dispel myths, uncover information, and help you learn what you need to know!

Benefits Of A Work-Study Program

Student reading math equations - work studies are good jobs for college students financial aid

If you’re looking for jobs for college students, consider work study. Most students who choose work-study do so in order to earn some extra money to help them pay for college. While work-study programs are a great way to earn a paycheck, they offer more benefits than that. Here are some of the many benefits …

5 Great Lamps For Your College Dorm Desk

TW Lighting usb lamp dorm room lights student life

When you live in a dorm, sometimes even an overhead light can be too much, or sometimes, not quite enough. To have more control over your dorm room lights, consider adding a lamp to your desk! That way you can illuminate your work or study well into the night without bothering your roommate with the …