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Is Student Loan Forbearance Right For Me?

Student thinking about loan forbearance questions & answers
Forbearance is an option that allows borrowers to postpone loan payments while they’re in school. What’s important to know is that interest does not stop accruing during the time. This accrued interest increases the cost of the loan considerably. However, delaying paying off your student loans can also help you focus on finding a job …

What Are Tuition Payment Plans?

Various coins coming out of a black piggy bank. financial advice & planning
Tuition payment plans allows students to split their total tuition payment into equal monthly installments. This makes it easier for families to manage college expenses without breaking the bank. Some colleges may call it a tuition installment plan or deferred payment plan. This is different from a standard plan where the full tuition is spread …

Student Loans Cost More Than Just The Principal Balance

College student on phone with her student loan lender student loans
Everybody knows that student loans are not free money – they come at a price. Unfortunately, many students underestimate exactly what that price is. There are interest and fees and sometimes even penalties. All in all, student loans cost more than just the principal balance. Let’s break it down.  The True Cost of Student Loans …

5 Free Online College Prep Courses

A high school student taking a college prep course on her laptop. college applications
The thought of attending college can be tremendously exciting. However, it’s not without its challenges. College is nothing at all like high school. Taking a few college prep courses can help to make this transition smoother. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay for these. We’ve put together 5 online college prep classes that can help. …

Is There College Financial Aid For Homeschooled Students?

Student taking an online test at home. financial aid
Financial aid helps students pay for higher education. That includes students who studied at home. Homeschooling has come a long way since a few years ago in terms of college admissions as well as financial aid. Today, colleges welcome homeschool students as long as they meet the school’s eligibility criteria. As for financial aid for …

What Can I Use Scholarship Money For?

Student searching for scholarships scholarship search & applications
A scholarship is a free monetary award given to students who meet the funding organizations requirements. Some scholarships are awarded for academic achievements, others for athletic or extracurricular accomplishments. Still others may be awarded for students from a certain demographic or those who demonstrate financial need. But you may ask yourself: what can I use …

5 Benefits Of Taking The ACT / SAT in The Summer

Student sitting at a desk with notebooks and a laptop studying for her SAT. ACT & SAT
Taking any test during the summer may be the last thing on your mind. Especially after you spend the whole school year buried in your textbooks. However, there are a few compelling benefits to taking the SAT/ACT at this time. Here are 5 major benefits of taking the ACT/SAT in the summer. You Can Focus …

What’s The Difference Between Preapproved And Prequalified For Student Loans?

A student holding a red binder. student loans
‘Preapproved’ and ‘prequalified’ are sometimes used interchangeably when discussing student loans. That’s not right however. The only similarity between the two is that they are both parts of the student loan process. Other than that, both of these terms are completely different. What Is Prequalification? Prequalification is basically an estimate of how much you may …

How To Overcome Financial Aid “Gapping”

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To make the cost of college more affordable, many schools offer financial aid packages to accepted students. These packages are customized for each student based on the information submitted through the FAFSA. Schools usually try and cover 100% of the student’s financial need through a mix of grants, scholarships, work study and loans. However, many …