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What SAT or ACT scores do you need to get into Harvard?
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How Many People Apply To Harvard Each Year?

In the 2024 application cycle (and 2023 early admission cycle) 54,008 people applied to Harvard. Of those that applied only 1,937 students were accepted – that’s 3.58% acceptance rate and one of the lowest in the country. According the the Harvard Gazette, this makes it the fourth year running that the school has received over …
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Your Guide to Greek Life

Key Takeaway Greek life is made up of organizations known as sororities and fraternities. Dating back to the 1700s, these chapters have been known to offer opportunities for lifelong connections, personal growth, community service, and networking. However, before just jumping into Greek life, it is important to consider its advantages and disadvantages, including the time …

Scholarships with July Deadlines

School’s out and you should absolutely be soaking up the sun and enjoying summer days off. But if you have some extra time, now is the perfect time to apply for scholarships! We’ve rounded up seven scholarships with July deadlines to help you get started. 7 Scholarships with July Submission Deadlines 1. SHARON STEPHENS BREHM …
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What Are My Options After High School?

After years of hard work and dedication in school, it’s time to ask yourself “What’s next?” While many may choose to go the “traditional” four-year college route, there are several other options for high school grads. For example community colleges, trade schools, online degrees, military service, taking a gap year are all good alternatives. Each …
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What’s the Highest GPA?

Key Takeaway The highest GPA achievable is a 4.0 on a traditional scale. However, some schools use a weighted scale that can go up to 5.0, factoring in the difficulty of coursework. While GPA matters in college admissions, it’s not the determining factor. Aim for good grades, but also focus on your personal growth. Colleges …
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A Complete Guide to AP Classes

Advanced Placement (AP) classes have become increasingly popular, with millions of students enrolling each year. These classes offer high school students the opportunity to take college-level courses across a wide range of subjects. If you’re prepared to embrace a rigorous academic curriculum and earn some college credits before graduation, AP classes could be an excellent …
A campus building at Yale University.
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Yale GPA Requirements: What You Need to Get In

In general, to get in into Yale, the minimum requirements a student would need an: Average GPA: 4.0 Average SAT: 1,490 – 1,570 Acceptance rate: 4.6% Yale is an Ivy League school so it’s no surprise that it has rigorous academic standards. This is reflected in the high GPA requirements, which is a crucial factor …
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10 Easiest Medical Schools to Get Into

Getting into medical school is not easy. Medical schools set high standards with demanding requirements and rigorous selection processes. This is not surprising given that students who enroll in their program will be making life and death decisions after graduation. This is an enormous responsibility and medical schools go to great lengths to accept only …

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