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How to Use Academic Sources for Research

Utilizing academic sources for research is crucial for maintaining the quality and integrity of your work. Good academic sources are reliable, accurate, and undergo a rigorous peer review process. When identifying credible sources, consider factors like lack of bias, website credibility, publication and source reliability, author credentials, publication date, and article structure. Specialized search tools …
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A Guide to Understanding College Credit Transfer

You’ve worked hard, poured energy into your courses, and are thinking of your next move. What if your dream career requires a change of major? What if you’d like to attend a new school? Will your credits transfer to the new college? Transferring your college credits can help make your career and academic dreams come …
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What is an Intended Major?

‘Intended major’ is the field of study or discipline that you plan to focus on in college. Researching majors and choosing an intended major can help you build a strong list of possible colleges to attend. Choosing an intended major does not mean you are stuck with your choice once you start college. You can …
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A Comprehensive Guide to College Essay Format

Your college essay is a unique opportunity to present your personality, experiences, and aspirations. It’s a chance to go beyond test scores and transcripts to shine in the college application process truly. This is your moment to stand out, to show who you are, not just your achievements. It should demonstrate your ability to reflect …
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What Does Class Rank Reporting Mean?

You may have heard about “class rank” and wondered what it means for college applications. While we know grades and test scores matter, how much weight does your class rank hold? Let’s explore this to better understand what role your class rank report plays in college admissions. What Is Class Rank? Class rank is a …
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Your Career Roadmap: Choosing the Right Career Path

Choosing a career path is a significant decision that requires careful planning, self-reflection, and exploration. Whether you’re a high school student contemplating your future, a college graduate navigating the transition into the workforce, or considering a career change, the decision can seem overwhelming. But there are tools and guidance to lead you through the process …

Scholarships with May Deadlines

As you know, you can apply for scholarships year-round. Take some stress off your plate this summer and start applying for scholarships now. Check out this list we’ve compiled of nine scholarships with May deadlines. 9 Scholarships with May Deadlines As you’re reviewing this list of scholarships, don’t forget these quick tips: Don’t skip scholarships …
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99+ Interesting Research Paper Topics

Coming up with good research paper topics can sometimes be a daunting task, as it can take you down various paths or even leave you with a blank page. The most challenging part of writing a paper is often coming up with the initial idea. To help you get started, here are numerous research paper …
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How Many Weeks Are In a College Semester?

A semester is one of three main systems that colleges in the US use for dividing the academic year A semester in college has on average 15 weeks A typical college semester divides the year into two parts – the fall semester and the spring semester Colleges in the US may use the semester, trimester, …

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