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Hidden Gem Colleges in the US | 2024 Rankings

College Raptor’s Hidden Gem College Rankings puts a spotlight on amazing schools in the US that you may not have heard of before. When we talk about hidden gems, they all have three things in common:  They are accessible. They are good schools (generally within the top third of College Raptor’s overall rankings). They are …
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9 Tips to Improve Your Working Memory

College students aren’t given enough credit. When you’re in college, you likely have a full-time course load, in addition to extracurricular activities or a part-time job. There are so many things to remember! And none of it would be possible without our working memory. Let’s look at if and how you can improve your working …
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Guide to Khan Academy (And How It Can Help Your Education)

For the classroom-loving students in the room, more school outside of school may sound super fun. And for the not-so-classroom-loving students, it may not sound so appealing. Regardless of how you initially feel, it can boost your education. Let’s rewrite the script on outside-of-the-classroom learning. This resource may just become your new best friend so …
hidden gems 2024

Hidden Gem HBCUs | 2024 Rankings

Historically Black Colleges and Universities, or HBCUs, are schools that have a history of providing education to African Americans and underrepresented communities in the United States. Some are more well-known than others, but we wanted to shine some light on 25 amazing “hidden gem” HBCUs.  In order to be considered for this Hidden Gems list, …
Consider doing financial awareness counseling after you took out a federal student loan
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What Happens to Financial Aid If You Drop a Class?

Dropping a class may or may not impact your financial aid eligibility depending on how it affects your academic progress and your enrollment status. To know what happens to financial aid if you drop a class, it helps to first understand the requirements to qualify for financial aid. This only applies to federal financial aid. …