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6 Ways to Optimize Your Fall Break

Many students across the US are lucky enough to have Fall break. And it may not be that long, but those few days off just before finals season begins can give you the perfect opportunity to get some things done for college! While you may want to take some time for yourself and your family, …
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Essay Guides: How to Combine College Essay Prompts

When applying to colleges, many applications will follow the same formats: basic information, school details, high school transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, and, of course, the essay. If you have 8-10 colleges you’re applying to (or possibly more), that’s a lot of essays! It can be a daunting task and even cause you to apply to fewer …
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Essay Guide: What is a Community Essay?

Does your college application have a question for the essay that looks like this: Tell us about a community you’re a part of? This is an open-ended question that stumps quite a few students! Some even think the question is asking about the community they’re in – such as their hometown – and don’t consider …
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300 Word Essay Examples

Writing a 300-word college essay is intimidating, especially since that’s not a lot of words to use to say exactly what you want. When applying for college, schools use the Common App for students to write their admissions essays. These essays are looked over by the admissions committee, which decides if you’re a right fit …
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Supplemental College Essay Tips  

When writing your college admissions essay, you may have the option to write a supplemental college essay. It can be confusing, especially if you’ve never seen the college application process before. If you have not heard about a supplemental college essay before and don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered! What is a …
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3 Reasons NOT to Use ChatGPT on College Essays

Are you thinking of writing your college essay with AI? You may want to think again. With the rise of ChatGPT, some schools (including the New York City public school district) have turned around and outright banned it from being used as the AI resource could be an aid to cheating. But is it all …
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Top 5 Hardest AP Classes

Advanced Placement (AP) classes are created by College Board and are college-level courses for high schoolers. You can take a variety of AP classes that are offered at your high school and if you receive a certain score for the AP test, you can get college credit for that class! Since these are college-level courses, …
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How to Make an Awesome College Application Video

Technology has taken the world by storm and college applications are now getting involved. If you’ve been applying to schools, you may have seen that some require or give you the option to do an admissions video application for college. Instead of spending hours curating a well-written essay during your college admissions process, high schoolers …