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FAQ About College Application Essays

college applications

Most likely, one of the mandatory aspects of your college applications are the essays. If you have a few questions, these commonly asked ones may help you out when it comes to writing. What Do I Write  About? This is probably the most commonly asked question when it comes to college applications. In most cases, …

Tips For Editing Your College Essay

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One of the most daunting tasks you may have to work on as a prospective college student is the college applications essay. Essays are often required not just for college admissions itself, but also for scholarships, fellowships, and certain types of grant programs. After spending hours working on your essay, all you want to do …

Engaging Ways To Open Your College App Essay

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Summer is here and rising seniors have college applications on their mind. The Common Application essays have not changed from last application cycle. Therefore, students can get a head start and use their summer to write their personal statement. Make Your Statement Stand Out Keep in mind, an admissions officer may read essays for countless …

How to Balance Summer College Prep Activities

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For most students, summer means free time, friends, family, and fun. Although unwinding before entering senior year is important, it is just as important to make time for a few college prep activities to help alleviate impending senior year stress. Summer Reading Just because you aren’t enrolled in Advanced Placement doesn’t mean you can’t read …