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Like this pen and notes, proofreading your college essay can be messy but rewarding.
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5 Last Minute College Application Tips

It’s getting to that time of the year when high school seniors will be sending off their college applications. You’re full of excitement and don’t want to miss any steps during the college application process. Filling out your college application can be nerve-wracking but that’s why we put together a list of last-minute college application …
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How to Calculate Cumulative GPA

There are different types of Grade Point Averages (GPA) including cumulative, weighted, unweighted, and more. But what is a cumulative GPA, and how can you calculate it? And, you might be wondering, how can you raise it? We’ll answer all these questions below. What is a Cumulative GPA?  A cumulative GPA is the average of …
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How to Write an Essay Introduction

When it comes to telling a story, the beginning is an important part. Whether it’s the opening scene of a movie or the first chapter of a book, beginnings need to be interesting to get people’s attention. The same is true when it comes to writing an essay. This is especially true if you are …
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How to Prepare for the Common App

You absolutely should take time to enjoy your summer, but if you’re a junior about to head to senior year, don’t forget about your college applications completely! You should actually complete a few steps over the coming weeks so you’re not scrambling at the last minute to get it all done. We recommend starting early, …
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How Do I Start My College Essay?

Starting your college essay can feel like a daunting task, but it’s all about getting off on the right foot! After you read the colleges’ requirements, brainstorming can be your best friend. ‘How do I start my college essay?’ Here are three steps to get you started. Step #1: Read Over Colleges’ Requirements College essay …
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How Long Does a College Application Take to Fill Out?

When it’s time to apply to college, how long should you take to complete your application? There is no one timetable for all applications out there, but here’s a rundown of what you need to know, what an application generally requires, and other steps you’ll need to take to complete the college application processes. How …
Here are some tips on how to go about a scholarship interview.
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How to Pass Scholarship Interviews

Although not all scholarships require that you attend an interview, many do, and interviewing can be intimidating. But with practice and preparation, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips we put together for you on how to pass scholarship interviews.   Practice, Practice, Practice One of the best ways to get comfortable for an …
Essay Theme Ideas
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Essay Theme Ideas

Not sure what to write about for your upcoming college application essay? It can be tough landing on a topic, but it’s important to write about something that is special and important to you. Authenticity is essential in these pieces. If you’re stuck on a topic or theme though, here are some ideas that can …