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Pros And Cons Of Taking AP Tests

Over 60% of high schools has AP classes, but does mean you should take an AP test? college applications
Advanced Placement or AP classes offer ambitious high school students a great way to boost their college applications. Over 60% of high schools in the US offer a list of AP classes. If your high school doesn’t, you could still boost your college application by signing up for the most challenging courses that your high …
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3 College Questions To Ask Yourself if You’re Considering a Prestigious School

Princeton Campus - if you're considering a prestigious school, there are college questions you'll want to ask yourself first college applications
If you’re considering a prestigious school, there are some important college questions you should be asking yourself before applying or taking the school up on an acceptance letter. Here are three you’ll want to think about. College Question #1: Why Do I Want to Go Here? The first question you should be asking yourself is …
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Which Extracurricular Activities Impress Colleges?

search college college applications
You know that colleges want to see what extracurricular activities you have participated in. However, just submitting a long list of extracurricular activities is not going to help you. There are some activities that will make the admissions authorities sit up and take special notice of your application. Find My College Match Through Extracurricular Activities …
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When You Should Submit Your EA/ED Application

college match college applications
If you’re certain you want to attend a school, you may consider applying Early Action or Early Decision. Deadlines for these are before regular applications come due. Here’s what you should know about EA/ED application deadlines. Pay Attention to the EA/ED Application Deadlines The first thing you want to pay attention to when it comes …
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College App Essay Pro Tip: Be Specific

college application college applications
Your college application essay is an opportunity to tell the reader who you are outside of your academics and to reveal your unique character, personality, and values. It is also an opportunity to showcase your writing skills and your thought process. You’ll want your essay to be as strong as it can, which is why …
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How to Address Weaknesses in College Applications and Interviews

usa colleges college applications
College applications and the interviews that may be required can be particularly anxiety inducing. But it’s good to know that many students have the same issues you will have and everyone will have their weaknesses during the process. However, addressing your weaknesses now can help give you confidence. Here’s how you can overcome weaknesses in …
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How to Write a Succinct Essay for Your College and Scholarship Applications

Student writing a succinct essay college applications
When it comes to your college and scholarship applications, you most likely will have to write several essays before turning them in. Some will have topic suggestions you’ll need to adhere too and many of them will have word requirements and limits. But even if they don’t, it’s important to remember that the admission departments …
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