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What Is An Average GPA in America?

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A student’s grade point average is the culmination of their grades and hard work in their high school classes. What’s more, the GPA is an important element in a student’s college application. With so much hype and conversations around GPA, are you curious what America’s average GPA is?  America’s Average GPA According to a study …

What Exactly Is A Bachelor’s Degree?

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There are a several different kinds of college degrees out there. Each come with their own set of rules, requirements, and benefits. Associate’s, bachelor’s, masters, doctoral, and professional degrees. Oh my. But let’s break down the most common type: the bachelor’s degree. What is a Bachelor’s Degree? It’s the degree students earn after completing at …

Do AP Test Scores Affect Your Acceptance Odds?

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If you’re taking AP classes, you may be wondering “Do AP scores affect acceptance odds for colleges?” Here’s a rundown of whether or not they affect your chances of admission and why AP courses can help in your college education. Do AP University Courses Scores Affect Admission to Colleges? Actually, AP scores don’t affect admission …

How Much Academic Rigor Is Too Much?

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Whether you’re in high school or college, it’s easy to do “too much” and become overwhelmed. When choosing your schedule, it’s important to think about “academic rigor.” This is the academic challenge you’ll be faced with from a class. So when you’re coming up on a new semester, how much academic rigor is too much …

Is Applying with Rolling Admission Right for Me?

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Generally, a rolling admission means that the school you are applying to assesses applications as they come in and notifies students about their acceptance or non-acceptance right away. This is unlike regular admission where the school waits until after their announced deadline to evaluate all the applications that were received during the application window. Is Rolling …