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Do you have to take the SAT subject tests?
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Are SAT Subject Tests Required?

The aim of the general SAT test is to evaluate your reasoning skills and your readiness for college. The SAT Subject tests, on the other hand, is meant to assess your knowledge in a specific subject area. If you are wondering whether SAT subject tests are required, the answer is it depends. SAT Subject Tests Can …
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What Happens During College Orientation?

Have you selected and prepared for your college orientation date yet? If not, you’ll definitely want to get on that! Many of the favored dates fill up fast, so make sure you’re doing it as soon as possible. Now that you’ve signed up though, do you know what happens during the college orientation? Each School …
The SAT score choice lets you pick individual scores from multiple different tests.
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What is SAT Score Choice?

If you take the SAT multiple times, you get the option of choosing which scores to send as part of your college application and which scores remain undisclosed. This is known as SAT Score Choice. Should I Submit These Scores? Students who are not happy with their SAT scores often choose to retake the test …
When should I take the ACT or SAT?
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When Should I Register For The ACT Or SAT?

“When should I take the ACT or SAT” is a common question high schoolers have. Taking the ACT or SAT is a must for any college-bound student, but when should you register for the test? ACT & SAT Calendar The ACT is offered seven times a year on the second Saturday of February, April, June, …
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What the NMSQT is and Why is it so Important?

The NMSQT stands for the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. In other words, it’s what qualifies you for the National Merit Scholarship. But there’s a bit more you should know. High school is a busy time, and it’s also the time to start thinking about college. As you’re preparing for college, you’ll come across a …
Is a low acceptance rate good?
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Does A Low Acceptance Rate Mean A School Is Better?

Is a low acceptance rate good? A low acceptance rate does not automatically mean a school is better. Despite the hype surrounding the acceptance rate, here’s the truth. It does not really tell you much about the quality of education you will receive at a particular school. It’s a measure of its exclusivity, not necessarily …
A college interview can be very stressful, so knowing what to expect ahead of time can a lot
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What Happens During a College Interview?

While a majority of colleges don’t request an interview, some schools do make it part of the application process—even if it’s optional, leaving it out could hurt your chances. Knowing what to expect ahead of time can make a college interview a bit less stressful. The Basics of a College Interview There are few colleges …
What is a transcript and what can you expect on it?
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What’s Included In A High School Transcript?

Most colleges require applicants to submit an official copy of their high school transcript. This has to be sent directly in a sealed envelope directly from the applicants’ high school to ensure that it is not tampered with after it is released. But what is a high school transcript? And what’s included in one? Your …