10 Awesome Podcasts for High School Students

Podcasts are taking the world by storm and they’re not just for typical adult topics. They range in a variety of topics and are very informative, especially for high school students who want to hear about all things college and beyond. Podcasts aren’t boring conversations anymore! There are science podcasts, thought-provoking podcasts, and even funny podcasts about every topic. They’re inviting, informative, and helpful for those who listen to them. And, they are convenient to listen to because you can listen while you’re studying, in the car, working out, or just hanging out around the house.

We’ve put together our podcast recommendation list. These are available on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify Podcasts. Here are some of our favorite podcasts for high school students. 

10 Awesome Podcasts for Students 

1. How to College: First Gen

How to College: First Gen was created by first-generation college students who did not have the family support that others may have had because of their family’s educational background. Whether you’re a first-generation college student or not, this podcast is extra helpful for everyone. Their 100th episode was one of our favorites! A Conversation with our High School Selves is a great podcast for high school students. The group talks about things they wish they had known and done while still in high school and their overall college journeys. 

2. TED Talks Daily

If you’re in the realm of podcasts and motivational talks, then you know what a TED Talk is. TED (technology, entertainment, and design) talks cover a variety of topics and aren’t just geared toward high school or college students. You can learn so much about almost everything from their episode list! Habits that can improve your career, the benefits of not being a jerk to yourself, and how to be an adult are all topics covered in this podcast. We love this podcast for college students and high school students because they can learn things other than typical college life advice. Keep in mind there can be a few controversial topics on their list, but it’s good to have those curious conversations! 

3. How to Do Everything

From dealing with annoying co-workers to finding water in the desert, this NPR podcast has got you covered. Unfortunately, episodes haven’t aired since 2016, but there are over 200 available for students to listen to right now! This podcast is funny and informative for young listeners who are looking for something on the lighter side. 

4. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

As students transition from high school to college, the change to higher education can feel overwhelming and their sense of self may begin to crumble. Personal development podcasts like “Tiny Leaps, Big Changes” help students implement strategies in their lives to set them up for success, especially after they say goodbyes to their high school life. Episodes cover topics like building good habits and cultivating meaningful relationships to help students become successful adults in ALL areas of their lives. 

5. How to Money

Learning how to manage money as a high school student may seem difficult, especially if you have no one to help you out. How to Money by iHeartPodcasts helps with paying off debt, investing, and saving. Financial literacy for high schoolers and college students is key to success for their future selves, especially if they’re taking out loans. This great resource helps students and teens with managing money while being realistic. 

6. Duolingo Podcast

Learning another language can be frustrating in a school setting. The Duolingo Podcast is perfect for high school students who want to improve their language skills. It’s a fun way to listen and learn, especially if you want to go beyond your high school language skills. Practice weekly with Duolingo’s free resources and you’ll be fluent in no time!

7. College Life Podcast

Interviews with current and graduated college students make this podcast perfect for high schoolers. It’s a great guide to finding internships, changing your major, and more! Episodes range from just a few minutes to an hour making it a great listen for students who need variety. Sometimes you don’t want to listen to a full hour, and College Life Podcast fits in enough advice for you to digest in a few minutes!

8. College Planning Simplified 

Going to college? Fun! Planning for college? Not as fun. College Planning Simplified does exactly as they say. Simplifying all things college planning allows high school students to focus on one thing at a time and get what they need done for the next chapter of their lives. 

9. Majoring in Mentality 

Your mental health is super important, which is why we love this podcast for high school students AND college students. Savannah talks about things like overcoming social anxiety and redefining failure. This podcast is fairly new but we’re excited to listen to the upcoming episodes and work on our mental health together.

10. Inside the Admissions Office

As a high school student, the college admissions process can seem intimidating. Inside the Admissions Office helps high school students with all things that are application-related! SAT and ACT prep and creative writing advice episodes will give high school students the confidence they need when application season approaches. With advice from an admissions expert and tips about college applications, everything a high school student needs will be in these episodes.  

High school students, college students, and young adults can all benefit from listening to these podcasts. From finances to college planning, we’ve got you covered! Even if you’re listening while you’re cleaning or driving to school, take some time to invest in your future self. 

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