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A college student looking at the sunrise, contemplating filing the FAFSA sooner rather than later.
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The Benefits of Filing the FAFSA Sooner Rather Than Later

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) recently became available for students on October 1st. Although it’s not technically due until June 30th of the year after the school year you need aid for, that doesn’t mean you should wait until the last minute. There’s actually very little reason to delay at all, and …
A college student sits on a desk, researching tuition insurance on her laptop.
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What is Tuition Insurance for College?

From pet insurance to health insurance, there’s quite a lot of coverage options available for different aspects of life. There’s also tuition insurance, believe it or not. Here’s a rundown of what it is, what it covers (and doesn’t cover), and how you can get a policy. What is Tuition Insurance? Some colleges and universities …
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Should I Get a Work-Study or a Job in College?

Some students, when entering college, maybe trying to decide if they should work during school. There are definitely pros and cons to this approach, and you may have the option between work-study and a job. These are some considerations you should make, and some tips to help you decide between a work-study or job in …
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3 Big College Financial Aid Offer Myths

So you have your financial aid letters in hand. Do you fully understand what they say, and know the terms and conditions of the offer? Many students don’t and realize they’ve made a mistake after acceptance – some don’t realize until years down the line! Here are some debunked financial aid offer myths to help …
Graduating students in red robes and caps sitting together.
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5 Great Things to Do With Your Graduation Money

Congratulations on graduating high school! Many graduates receive money from their parents or relatives before heading off to college. Have you made plans for the money yet? If you’re not quite sure what to spend your graduation money on, here are four ideas that could prove beneficial. #1: Put the Money Towards College There’s no …
College student researching financial aid on her laptop at campus.

How to Use Scholarship Money in College

Did you win a scholarship? Congratulations! This cash can go a long way to helping you pay for college, especially if it’s a full ride. So how should you spend it? The answer to that can actually depend on the scholarship’s terms and conditions, but, in rare cases, you could be allowed to spend it …
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What You Should Know about Front-Loaded Financial Aid

Many students rely on financial aid in order to attend college, but. While researching financial aid, you may have come across the term “front-loaded.” But what is it? Is it good or bad? Are there other options available? Here’s what you need to know about this front-loaded financial aid. What is Front-Loaded Financial Aid? Front-loaded …
Parents playing in moving boxes with their daughter. They're thinking about 529 savings plans for her future education.
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Myths About 529 College Savings Plans

Did you get a 529 college savings plan for your child or relative? Considering getting one? There are a lot of myths surrounding this excellent way of financing education that need to be debunked, including these five. Myth: If My Child Doesn’t Go to College, the Money Will Be Lost One concern many parents and …