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How Many Americans Have Student Loan Debt?

Have you ever looked into how many Americans have student loan debt? If you’ve never checked out the numbers before, you may find the statistics below interesting. You hear a lot about student loan debt being the second highest consumer debt in the country, second only after mortgages. Although that gives you some idea of …
student loans

No-Fee, Low-Fee, And Full-Fee Lenders

Borrowing money is expensive regardless of whether you’re borrowing to buy a house or car or to pay for college. First of all, you pay interest on the amount that you borrow. In addition to the interest, some lenders also charge assorted fees to cover administrative costs and mitigate the risks of lending. These fees …
student loans

4 Reasons Lender Longevity Matters

There are several factors you need to take into consideration when looking for student loans. To start with, you’ll need to compare interest rates and fees so you can find the lowest-cost loan. You also need to look into each lender’s terms and conditions, protections, and penalties. There’s one other factor that not many people …

What is a No Essay Scholarship?

Scholarships have plenty of different requirements in order to be eligible. Some may ask for a certain GPA or higher. Others can ask that your natural hair color be red. There really is no limit to what they’ll ask for! These awards also ask you for information ranging from your contact details to your goals …
Graduate student jumps in excitement during his graduation day.

6 Postgraduate Scholarship Opportunities

Just because you’re out of undergraduate school doesn’t mean you won’t be eligible for any scholarships! There are plenty of awards out there for graduates, also known as postgraduates. If you’re planning on going after your master’s, you’ll definitely want to try applying for these scholarship opportunities for graduate students. 1. Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship …