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Scholarships with May Deadlines

As you know, you can apply for scholarships year-round. Take some stress off your plate this summer and start applying for scholarships now. Check out this list we’ve compiled of nine scholarships with May deadlines. 9 Scholarships with May Deadlines As you’re reviewing this list of scholarships, don’t forget these quick tips: Don’t skip scholarships …
What's the difference between grants and scholarships?
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What Is a College Grant?

A grant is a form of gift aid awarded to college students that, in most cases, does not have to be paid back. Grants can be awarded based on merit or demonstrated financial need and award amounts are program specific. The federal government, state governments, private organizations, and schools can all offer grants for college. …
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How To Pay For College If You Haven’t Started Saving Yet

Paying for college with no savings is still possible when you consider cutting back your discretionary costs, working part time, taking classes at community college and considering more affordable college options. Several financial aid resources are available for college students including FAFSA, state grants, and scholarship programs. Private student loans are an option to help …
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State Grants for Virginia College Students

Are you thinking about staying in your home state of Virginia to attend college? The state, through the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, has several college grants available to its residents and students to make college more affordable. Here’s what you need to know. Virginia State Grants 1. Virginia Commonwealth Award  For undergraduate …
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8 Scholarships with April Deadlines

There are thousands of scholarships to apply for and the best part — you can apply year round! That can make it overwhelming to narrow down, but we’ve got you. To help you out, we’ve researched some scholarships with April deadlines. 8 Scholarships with April Deadlines 1. THE HERBERT LEHMAN EDUCATION FUND SCHOLARSHIP Award Amount: …
Avoid these mistakes that can result in your student loans negatively affecting your credit score
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How Refinancing Student Loans Can Impact Your Credit Score

Refinancing student loans can have a positive impact on your credit score, but it can also hurt your credit. Understanding how refinancing can hurt your credit is key to taking steps to minimize the negative impact. Refinancing is a common solution for managing student loan debt. It allows you to exchange your existing student loans …
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Scholarship Spotlight: Scholarships with March Deadlines

Scholarships are a great way to help cover college costs and the best part is, you can apply year-round. Check out these scholarships with March deadlines that could help you alleviate some of the financial burden of your college education. 7 Scholarships with March Deadlines 1. College Raptor Scholarship Award Amount: $2,500 Deadline: March 31  …
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State Grants for Vermont College Students

Vermont only has two state grants for its residents and students: the Vermont Grant and the Short-term Training: Advancement Grant. However, the state does offer a number of resources to help its students better afford college including a whole booklet of Vermont Student Assistance Corp (VSAC) assisted scholarships. We’ve outlined these two college grants for …
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The New SAVE Plan For Federal Student Loans

The SAVE (Saving on a Valuable Education) plan is the latest income-driven repayment plan initiated by the federal government The SAVE plan offers several unique benefits that will lower payments and make them more affordable for many borrowers This is the most affordable plan for student loan borrowers The SAVE Plan replaces the REPAYE program …