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Do You Really Need A Credit Card?

Frustrating as it may sound, the answer to ‘do you really need a credit card’ is – it depends. That’s true. Whether you really need a credit card depends on a number of factors, primarily your financial goals and your spending habits. There’s no doubt a credit card offers some powerful benefits, from helping finance …
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What Does the Student Loan Repayment Extension Mean for You?

If you’ve got federal student loans and are following the latest updates, you’ve definitely heard about the latest student loan repayment extension. On December 21, 2021, President Biden announced that the student loan repayment pause would be extended from January 31, 2022 to May 1, 2022. The additional 90 days of no payments has students …
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Best College Financial Aid Resources for the New Year

Whether you’re waiting to hear back from colleges, know which school you will be attending in the fall, or are a junior in high school, financial aid resources can make college much more affordable. Which should you be paying attention to in 2022? FAFSA One of the most important financial aid resources you need to …
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Saving for College: Your 2022 Strategy

With college tuition increasing every year, saving for college costs may seem like an impossible undertaking. Almost every family in America ends up taking federal and private student loans to fund college tuition. If you’re thinking taking loans and paying them back at a later date is a better strategy, think again. When you take …
What are some of the benefits of going to college online if you're a veteran?

Scholarships for Children of Military Veterans

Do you have a parent that was or is currently in the military? Are you in JROTC or ROTC? Scholarships for military children are plentiful! Here are just a few programs that you can start with. AFAS General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program Also known as the Hap Arnold Grant, the AFAS General Henry …
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The Final Few Months to Graduation (Senior Checklist)

Your high school experience is nearly over, and you’re going to start college in the Fall – congratulations on all of your amazing achievements! But don’t stop thinking about your education even though you’ve completed your college applications and may have even heard back from a few schools. Follow our senior checklist of all the …
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What Are Student Loan Rehabilitation Programs?

Student loan rehabilitation programs are designed to offer students a structured path out of default. The U.S. Department of Education created this program specifically for federal Direct and FFEL loans. Federal Direct and FFEL loans go into default when the payment is not made for 270 days or more. This carries a series of serious …