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Why Is Financial Literacy Important for College Students?

In the shuffle of sending college applications, writing scholarship essays, and applying for student loans, the one thing that goes overlooked is the importance of financial literacy. This is a huge mistake that can have far-reaching consequences. Financial literacy is the most important thing a student can learn to ensure their financial stability over the …
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4 Important Deadlines for Scholarship Applications

You know when your college applications are due, but what about potential scholarships? These deadlines may not be as important as your college admissions, but they are essential if you want to try to make college a bit more affordable with a scholarship! Some will even cover your entire tuition if you’re lucky.  Taking note …

Q&A with $2500 Scholarship Winner Jake Golden

Congratulations are in order for College Raptor’s most recent $2,500 scholarship winner Jake Golden! His essay made me curious about Jake’s college journey. Luckily, he was kind enough to answer a few more questions. Here’s what he had to say! CR: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Jake: My name is Jake, and I’m …
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Grants That Can Help Reduce Student Loan Debt

Paying off student loans completely can be very frustrating. It can take many years of saving money and juggling finances just to afford the monthly repayments. And even then, it can seem like you’ll never ever be debt-free. One way to reduce the burden of student loan debt is by availing of grants established for …
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When Will I Get My Award Letter For Financial Aid?

Most colleges sent out financial aid award letters about 1 – 3 months after receiving your FAFSA information. But this is not a hard and fast rule. The timeline for sending award letters for financial aid may vary among schools. Understanding the process will give you a better idea of when to expect your financial …
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State Grants for Minnesota Students

Almost all states offer their students grants to better afford college – Minnesota included! We put together a quick list of some of the grants Minnesota offers, plus give you some links to additional resources for affording college in the state! Minnesota State Grants 1. Minnesota State Grant Program Available to low and moderate income …