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State Grants for Oklahoma for College Students

For students planning to go to college in Oklahoma, the state has several different grants and scholarship programs to help make school more affordable. Keep reading to learn more about Oklahoma’s Promise, military scholarships, academic scholarships, and others. Oklahoma State Grants for College Students 1. Oklahoma’s Promise Oklahoma’s Promise is a program dedicated to helping …
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State Grants for Ohio College Students

The state of Ohio has several state grants and financial aid programs available to students who decide to attend college in the state. Below, we’ve detailed some of these awards, how you can apply, and where you can find further information on financial aid programs and attending college in Ohio. Ohio State Grants 1. Choose …
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State Grants for North Dakota

Are you thinking about staying in your home state of North Dakota and attending college? The state offers a few different financial aid programs to help its students afford the cost of higher education. We outlined a few of them below, plus provided links to additional resources and information about these programs. North Dakota State …
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7 Smart Ways to Use Your Graduation Money

You’ve graduated – Congratulations! Graduation day marks a major milestone in your journey toward adulthood. For the first time in your life, you’ll be truly independent and responsible for making your own decisions, personal and financial. The big question now is – what are you going to do with your college graduation money?  On graduating, …
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How to Speed up the Lending Process (And Why it Matters)

When comparing loans and lenders, you might be looking at the principal amount and the interest rates first and foremost – as you should. You want to be sure you’re getting a loan that fits your financial needs without having an astronomical interest rate. But one factor you might be overlooking in your comparison? Lending …
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6 Reasons Student Lending Speed Matters

College is expensive and many students depend on federal and/or private student loans to help finance their education. These types of loans have different eligibility requirements, interest rates, and repayment terms and conditions. Even the lending speeds are different. Student lending speed refers to the time it takes for a lender to process and approve …
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18 College Scholarships for Students from Low-Income Households

The cost of college is often the number one reason many high school graduates don’t pursue a college degree, and we get it. Fortunately, grants and low-income scholarships are available for students to win and use for their education expenses. Scholarships for low-income households change the lives of thousands of students each year. We’ve created a …

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