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The Importance Of Understanding Your College Offer Letters

Once a college accepts your application, the first thing they do is to put together a customized offer letter. These offer letters contains all information about financial aid awards the school is willing to offer you. Understanding the different components of each offer letter is key to being able to make an informed decision about …
Scholarship award winner Sofia Zapata

Q&A with $1,000 Scholarship Award Winner Sofia Zapata

Sofia Zapata is the latest scholarship award winner here at College Raptor! Her gripping essay about her college search journey earned her $1,000 towards her higher education costs. I had the chance to chat further with Sofia about her dreams and challenges. Here’s what she had to say! Tell us about yourself! Well, my name …
$2500 Scholarship winner William Li

Chatting with $2,500 Scholarship Winner William Li

William Li is College Raptor’s latest $2500 Scholarship Winner! Congratulations, William. I had the chance to chat with this bright student about his college search journey. Here’s what he had to say. Tell us about yourself! I’m currently a senior attending Brooklyn Technical High School. My main academic interests are in computer engineering. I love …
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Well Known National Scholarships For High School Students       

There are hundreds upon hundreds of scholarships available to help pay for college. While local scholarships are a great source of money, what about scholarships on a larger scale? One of the most recognized national scholarships for high school students is the National Merit Scholarships. Let’s break them down. National Merit Scholarships There are three …
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What Is Financial Aid?

College fees can be shockingly expensive. High school seniors may feel overwhelmed by all the cost talk. Fortunately, there is some good news. Asking yourself “what is financial aid?” Let’s break it down. What is Financial Aid? There are several forms of financial aid to help cover the cost. The five main types of financial …
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How Does FAFSA Dependency Work?

Filling out the FAFSA is the first step to getting financial aid for college. This is not an easy form to fill out but it’s absolutely crucial that you do it. Without the FAFSA you may lose out on certain types of financial aid. One of the more complex questions on this application is related …
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Who Can Apply For Scholarships?

Any student can apply for scholarships. When it comes to scholarships, the only requirement is that applicants must meet the eligibility criteria for that particular program. Thousands of organizations offer awards throughout the year. Each of these has its own eligibility criteria. If you take the time to research opportunities, you’re almost certain to find …
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What You Need To Know About the FAFSA Renewal Process

Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is vital to qualify for low-cost financial aid towards college. You won’t be eligible for federal or state financial aid without filing this application. Many scholarships and grants also require recipients to have filed the FAFSA. The information on the form determines your eligibility for …