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Here's how to pick the right college for athletes
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NCSA: Connecting Student Athletes with College Coaches

Next College Student Athlete (NCSA) is a recruiting platform that helps connect students with coaches. It can streamline the recruiting process and make it easier for students to understand their options as a student-athlete. If you’re thinking about continuing your favorite sport during your college years, here’s what you need to know about the NCSA, …
Students attending a college fair, asking themselves where should I go to college?
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A Complete Guide to College Fairs

While you can find almost all the information you need about a college right online these days, college fairs still have benefits to offer future students. In this guide, we’ll review exactly what college fairs are, where you can find them, the benefits of attending college fairs, and tips before you decide to attend one! …
Going on campus tours is an integral part of the college search process.
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A Complete Guide to Campus Tours

Researching colleges online is essential to choosing which schools you want to apply to and attend. However, this is just a surface look at the college. If you really want to see a school and determine if it’s right for you, a campus tour is super helpful. This guide will help you understand what campus …
What should you do after you've chosen a college?
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10 of The Biggest Colleges in the US

Going to college is a dream of many graduating high school seniors, but choosing the right school can be a daunting task! A common question you’ll answer is “How large of a school do I want to attend?” There are drawbacks and upsides to attending some of the biggest colleges in the United States, and …
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College Decision Day 2024

College Decision Day is usually May 1st, but a delayed Free Application for Federal Student Aid has delayed many financial aid letters. As a result, some colleges and universities are pushing back their Decision Days until May 15th or June 1st. If a student isn’t sure when they need to have their decision in by, …
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Important Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

If you’re earning your bachelor’s degree, you’re going to have to meet certain requirements. Bachelor degree requirements usually include a minimum GPA in your classes as well as a mix of general education, major, and elective courses that add up to at least 120 credits. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know …
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A Complete Guide to AP Exams

So you’ve signed up for an Advanced Placement (AP) class. At the end of your school year, you’ll be tasked with taking an AP exam. Doing well on this test can help you get credit for your college education and give you a head start on your degree. Use this complete guide to AP exams …
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When Do AP Exam Scores Come Out?

AP tests are regularly scheduled over a 2 week period in May. Students can expect to see their AP exam scores early to mid July. Testers can view results through the My AP Account on the College Board. Students who don’t see their test results by September 1st should contact the AP services for students. …

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