Hilary Cairns
Hilary Cairns is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz and has a BA in English/Creative Writing. She's an established freelance writer who also has a hand in marketing, social media, and editing for various businesses across the United States.

Myth: Scholarships Are Just For Minority Students


There’s a common thought among high school seniors and juniors that scholarships are just for minority students. If you limit your search, that may seem the case, but it’s far from the truth. If You Only Skim the Surface  If you only look at the surface of what’s available scholarship wise, it may absolutely look …

ACT / SAT Test Taking Strategies to AVOID


There’s a lot of advice out there that help you take the SAT or ACT, but mixed in with the good advice, there’s bound to be some bad. Here are just a few test taking strategies you should be avoiding. “Cramming / All-Nighter”  Some students think study cramming works, but it can do more harm …

Scholarships For Civil Engineering


Are you planning to major in civil engineering? You’ll be happy to learn there are hundreds of scholarships available to you. These three are just the beginning, but a great place to start if you qualify. ASNT Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship Amount: $3,000 Deadline: December 15th If you’re interested in pursuing a career in nondestructive testing …

3 Potential Careers for Art Majors

majors & industries

It’s no secret that art majors often have to defend their degree. Sometimes it’s your parents, but other times it can be a total stranger questioning your education choices. However, no matter what they think, there are plenty of well paying jobs out there that are looking for people with degrees in art. Here’s just …