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State Grants for Texas College Students

Texas is home to some amazing colleges and universities – and state grants, loans, and other financial aid programs for students. Many students don’t even realize their home state can help them afford college! Here are some Texas college grants you need to be aware of. State Grants for Students in Texas 1. Toward EXcellance, …
financial aid

State Grants for Utah College Students

College can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but one way students can cut down on this expense is to apply to state grants. The state of Utah actually offers several grants, scholarships, and programs that can make college more affordable for its students. Here are some state grants for Utah students that you need …
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What is Academic Dismissal?

Academic probation is when a student receives a notice for poor academic performance and grades. If the grades are not improved, the student could face academic dismissal which means the individual is no longer considered a student at the college. Understanding what this means and how to file an appeal are essential to taking the …
There are different kinds of degrees you can get!
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How To Graduate College in 3 Years

For students on a strict budget or those who want to enter the workforce a bit faster, completing your bachelor’s degree in 3 years can be enticing. It is possible to complete your bachelor’s degree and graduate college in 3 years, but it takes solid planning and forethought. Here are some things you should consider …
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What To Do If Your Lender Closes

If you have a student loan with a lender who is closing, you still need to make payments on the loan. Make sure to check your mail or email from your old lender to find out what, if any steps, you need to take next. Your old lender will likely sell your loan to a …
Here are some nursing scholarships you should consider
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What is a Practicum?

If you’re aiming for a certification during your college experience or when you’re getting ready to enter the career field, you might find that a practicum is necessary. But what is it? In short, a practicum is a program where you will apply what you have learned in a classroom setting in the field. They …
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How To Get the Most Out of Your 8 AM Classes

If you start searching on Google about 8 AM classes, one of the first autocomplete suggestions that pops up is “8 am classes should be illegal.” Many college students hate 8 am classes, and for good reason. The student may have an evening class that makes getting up at the crack of dawn difficult. Or …