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Hilary Cairns
Hilary Cairns is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz and has a BA in English/Creative Writing. She's an established freelance writer who also has a hand in marketing, social media, and editing for various businesses across the United States.

Myth: You Should NEVER Guess on the SAT

Student thinking and studying for the SAT, trying to earn their highest SAT score myths

You may have heard to “never guess on the SAT,” especially from your parents or older friends or relatives. However, that is actually not true (anymore)! Here’s a rundown of what that means for you and why guessing may actually help earn you the highest SAT score: No Points Are Deducted for Wrong Answers In …

7 Great College Cookbooks for Students

feed yourself and your friends college cookbook student life

Who says you can’t eat well in college? There are plenty of meals you can make right in your dorm room or apartment kitchen. All you need is a trusty cookbook. Check out these seven great cookbooks that would work perfectly for college students. 250 Best Meals in a Mug: Delicious Homemade Microwave Meals in …

4 Bean Bag Chairs Perfect for Dorm Rooms

bean bag chairs Sofa Sack student life

Bean bag chairs are not only comfortable, they’re perfect for dorm rooms! They don’t take up much space and they can be a great place to relax or read a book when you don’t want to sit at your desk. They’re also a good idea for extra seat at game nights with your friends. If …

6 Best Travel Mugs and Coffee Cups for College Students

best travel mugs Bruntmor ceramic mugs student life

Coffee is a lifeblood for most college students; you probably even have your favorite mug! If yours broke or you just like collecting them (like I do), you’ll definitely want to consider these options. Check out these 6 best travel mugs and coffee mugs ideal for college students. Bruntmor Ceramic Coffee Mugs (Set of 6) …

6 of the Best Speakers for College Students

best speakers OontZ bluetooth speaker student life

What college student doesn’t love listening to music? Whether you’re hanging out by yourself in your dorm room or your friends are over and you want to listen to some music, it is helpful to have a speaker! These six are some of the best speakers for college students. JBL Flip4 Bluetooth Speaker With over …

7 College Must Haves for Healthy Living

college must haves AmazonBasics dumbbells student life

Although you’ll be studying hard throughout college, you can’t forget about your health! As fun as it sounds, eating nothing but ramen and instant mac n’ cheese everyday won’t do you any favors. To make it easier, we’ve scoured Amazon for the best health products. Here are some great items for healthy college living. LETSCOM …