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The Difference Between a School’s Sticker Price and Net Price – And How to Estimate It

When you’re looking at the price of attending a year of college, the costs can be a bit staggering. In many cases, it can scare students off from applying to that particular school. But that number you’re seeing is likely the sticker price, and the amount you actually pay could be significantly less! Understanding the …
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How Much Does Community College Cost?

The cost of college is a hot topic in public conversation right now. With costs rising every year, with seemingly no end in sight, students and their families turn to money-saving tips and tricks to make college more affordable. One great trick? Attending community colleges. Community college fees are typically significantly lower than that of …
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Cut College Costs: Graduate On Time

You will most likely be borrowing money every year that you are in college to fund your tuition and other college costs. By the time you graduate after 4 years, the total amount you’ve borrowed would have added up considerably. Delaying your graduation even by one semester will add a few thousand dollars more to …
What is net price?
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The Importance of Knowing Your Net Price

There are a lot of prices out there thrown around when it comes to your college education. From sticker price to tuition to room and board, it can be a bit confusing what these terms mean in relation to how much you’ll pay for a year at a particular school. That’s why it’s so important …
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College Costs Include More Than Just Tuition

Tuition fees are the first thing most people think about when calculating the cost of college. And that is totally justified considering tuition fees are the largest expense associated with a college education. However, the tuition fee is not the only expense involved. There are a number of other expenses that need to be factored …

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