Cut College Costs: Graduate On Time

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You will most likely be borrowing money every year that you are in college to fund your tuition and other college costs. By the time you graduate after 4 years, the total amount you’ve borrowed would have added up considerably. Delaying your graduation even by one semester will add a few thousand dollars more to your debt.

Instead of looking for ways to extend your time in college, it is far better to look for ways to graduate on time (or even early) so you can cut college costs down to the minimum.

These few tips will help you cut college costs by graduating on time:

Avoid Transferring

There are many reasons a student might transfer schools—they’re seeking a different program, the campus atmosphere doesn’t fit them, the school is too expensive, etc.—but transferring can add a few more semesters onto your college career. It’s best to find your right college the first time. And College Raptor can help with that! With our free college match tool, you can see your personalized matches and acceptance odds with just a few clicks!

Don’t Change Majors

It’s ok to enter college undecided, but once you’ve chosen a major, try to stick with it. Switching majors can get expensive and depending on your new major, you may end up graduating later than expected.

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Look Into Graduating Early

If you never ask, you’ll never know. Schedule an appointment with your course advisor to see what you can do to double up on hours and look into graduating early. It’s worth a try. The earlier you graduate, the lower your overall college costs.

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