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Game Design / Development / Programming / Writing is one of the new and growing college majors available to students.
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Top 5 Colleges for Game Design Majors

With the recent popularity of technology degrees, you can imagine the world of possibilities with future college majors. Computer programming and computer science don’t stop at typical tech careers. Game design majors are becoming increasingly popular with the next generation of college students. There are a lot of creative jobs and cool opportunities that stem …
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Colleges with Special Education Majors

Are you thinking of pursuing a career in special education? It’s important to get into the right program and classes for your goals. It’s also important to note that you may need more than a bachelor’s degree to land a job. Here’s what you can expect from colleges with special education majors. What Can You …
Summer classes at a college.
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How to Use this Summer to Pick Your College Major

The summer is the perfect time to start doing some research into your future education! This includes your college major. While not strictly necessary, there are many benefits to knowing your major before you start college. Here are three steps to get you on the right track to use this summer to find your college …
College major textbooks.
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4 Potential Majors for Indecisive Students

Heading into college in the fall and not sure what you want to major in? That’s not all bad – there’s actually pros and cons to declaring you’re “undecided.” However, as you get comfortable in college, the question needs more serious thought, especially towards the end of your freshman year and absolutely during your sophomore …
A calculator, book, and globe with text: what should I major in?
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What Should I Major In?

What should I major in? It’s a question that most high school students struggle to find the answer to. No doubt, it’s a big decision. A major can determine what classes you take, which programs you pursue, and even what colleges you apply for. So if you’re asking yourself that question, here’s how to answer …
Student looking at research about Myers Briggs types
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Majors for Different Myers Briggs Types

Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment? It’s an assessment that will help you determine your type of personality. The test breaks personalities into 16 different types. You can find forms of it across the internet, including here if you’ve never taken it before. These tests have been said to help students …
MIT is known for engineering majors. Students find a college and decide if it's a good fit for them
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How a Major Can Help You Find a College

Narrowing down your college list can be difficult, but paying attention to what you need or want out of a school can help you find the perfect colleges for your education. One aspect you should pay special attention to is your intended major. Here’s how a major can help you find a college: Not All …
Students sitting in a huge university classroom seen from behind.
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What is Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies?

An Interdisciplinary studies major is any major field that has two or more distinct programs that are integrated through a unifying theme. A major benefit of an interdisciplinary major is that you can customize the major to suit your needs and develop a highly refined skill set. Examples of interdisciplinary studies can include: Fashion Design …

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