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3 Unique Ways To Research Potential Majors

Choosing a major is one of the many important decisions you will make that will eventually shape your career path. Make the right choice and you can look forward to an exciting career after you graduate. Make the wrong choice and you will find yourself struggling through. Yes, you can change majors mid-way through college …
When are you supposed to declare a major?
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When Do You Declare A Major?

As a general rule, students are expected to be declaring a major by the end of their 3rd or 4th semester. Every college has their own rules and guidelines on when and how students are required to declare a major. It is important not to presume anything. You must find out about your college’s rules so …
Haven't decided your major yet? Here are the pros and cons of being an undeclared major
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Pros and Cons of Being an Undeclared Major

Deciding on your college major is a, well, major part of your higher education experience. It determines what you study, what your degree will be in, what future job prospects might open up to you. It can set you on your career path and introduce you to friends and networking contacts within the field. Of …
Here's why women should pursue a computer science degree.
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Why Women Should Pursue Computer Science Degrees

Women are projected to account for 51% of total labor growth by 2018. But there’s one industry in particular where their visibility is at risk: computer science. A recent study revealed that women make up only 18% of all computer science majors. This is down from 37% in 1984. There are many theories as to …
What if you want to switch your major? Here are the pros and cons
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Pros and Cons of Switching Your Major

While most students are declaring their major by the end of their sophomore year or earlier, some students may find they do not particularly enjoy their major or original intended career path after taking courses in the subject. In this case, students may wish to switch their major, but there are pros and cons to …
You can use a megaphone to declare something, but what about declaring your major right away?
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Pros and Cons of Declaring Your College Major Right Away

When completing college applications, some schools may ask you which major you are interested in pursuing. However, even if you already know which major you’ll choose, there are pros and cons to declaring it so soon. Here’s what you need to know. Pro: It’s attractive to the school. Declaring your major on your applications may …