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Here are 3 things to start saving for during college
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3 Things You Should Start Saving For During College

With the cost of attending college continuing to rise year-over-year, it can be hard for college students to start saving money for during college into their budgets each month. In fact, college students aren’t the only group that struggles to save; according to a recent survey, 34% of all Americans have nothing set aside in …
Here's why women should pursue a computer science degree.
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Why Women Should Pursue Computer Science Degrees

Women are projected to account for 51% of total labor growth by 2018. But there’s one industry in particular where their visibility is at risk: computer science. A recent study revealed that women make up only 18% of all computer science majors. This is down from 37% in 1984. There are many theories as to …
Parents walking behind their graduating student.

Scholarships for First Generation College Students

Twenty percent of today’s students at 4-year universities are first in their family to attend college. And while not all of these students come from low-income families, the large majority come from households with a median income of a little more than $37,000. Moreover, first generation college students are more likely than their counterparts to …