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Katy Tripses is the Head of Growth at StudySoup, a peer-to-peer learning marketplace that connects top students in the class with those who need a little help. Top students can upload their notes and study guides to the StudySoup Marketplace, providing their peers with helpful materials while also earning some extra cash.

GPA Costing You A Scholarship? 5 Ways to Boost Your Grades and Gain Financial Help

A student writing in a notebook at their desk. questions & answers
With the cost of attending college continuing to skyrocket, financial aid in the form of scholarships is becoming more important than ever before. But many of these scholarships provided by the government, universities, and even private institutions rely on your grades. Many scholarships require a minimum GPA to earn assistance as well as keep it …

3 Things You Should Start Saving For During College

Here are 3 things to start saving for during college financial advice & planning
With the cost of attending college continuing to rise year-over-year, it can be hard for college students to start saving money for during college into their budgets each month. In fact, college students aren’t the only group that struggles to save; according to a recent survey, 34% of all Americans have nothing set aside in …

Why Women Should Pursue Computer Science Degrees

Here's why women should pursue a computer science degree. college majors & minors
Women are projected to account for 51% of total labor growth by 2018. But there’s one industry in particular where their visibility is at risk: computer science. A recent study revealed that women make up only 18% of all computer science majors. This is down from 37% in 1984. There are many theories as to …

Scholarships for First Generation College Students

Parents walking behind their graduating student. scholarships
Twenty percent of today’s students at 4-year universities are first in their family to attend college. And while not all of these students come from low-income families, the large majority come from households with a median income of a little more than $37,000. Moreover, first generation college students are more likely than their counterparts to …