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All About the Facebook Scholarship

Scholarship alert! College Raptor is excited to announce the Facebook scholarship to help learners in the Black community to succeed no matter where they are in life. We are excited to share this scholarship because it’s not just for college students, it’s for those who are looking to further their careers, find a career, or …

State Grants for Maine Students

Maine has a few different college grants available to students, and the Finance Authority of Maine website (FAME) has over 100 scholarships listed that are dedicated to residents of the state. Here are some details you’ll need to know about eligibility for these grants and scholarships! Maine College Grants 1. Maine State Grant Program The Maine …
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Scholarships for Returning Students

Contrary to popular belief, scholarships are not only meant for students who have recently graduated high school. Several awards are dedicated to those who decide to return to college after years or even decades! Here are just a few scholarships for returning students that you’ll want to look into. 1. Return2College Return2College is one award …

State Grants for Iowa Students

Are you graduating high school in Iowa? Or perhaps planning to attend a college in the state? Iowa offers quite a few grants, scholarships, and other financial aid opportunities for its students. Keep reading to find out what’s available. Iowa College Grants 1. Future Ready Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship For students that have a gap between …

State Grants for Kansas Students

The state of Kansas offers several grants and scholarship programs to its students! Check out some examples below and make sure to visit the Kansas Board of Regents website to get further information about applying to each. Kansas College Grants Kansas Career Technical Workforce Grant For those pursuing a technical certificate or an associate of …

State Grants for Kentucky Students

Kentucky has several college grants available to its students, many of which are funded by the state’s lottery. Keep reading to find some information about available scholarships, grants, and financial aid programs in the state, as well as links to find further details about these awards and others. Kentucky College Grants 1. Kentucky Educational Excellence …

State Grants for Louisiana Students

Louisiana has several scholarships, grants, and awards available to its students, including the TOPS. Here’s what you need to know about this program, as well as others, plus additional details on where you can find further information in the state. Louisiana College Grants 1. TOPS The Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) is a large …
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State Grants for Indiana Students

Indiana has quite a few scholarships, grants, and financial aid programs for its students! We’ll give you the rundown on a few down below plus some additional information and resources that can make college more affordable for Indiana students. Indiana College Grants 1. 21st Century Scholarship The 21st Century Scholars program is an early college …
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State Grants for Illinois Students

The state of Illinois has several grants available to students within the state. We’ll cover some of them below and supply further resources so you can get more information on financial aid available to Illinois students. Illinois College Grants 1. Monetary Award Program (MAP)  MAP is available to Illinois students who have demonstrated financial need …