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A Discussion with Our Latest Scholarship Winner Eden Jones!

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College Raptor’s latest scholarship winner is Eden Jones! I had the chance to chat with Eden about her college search process, the ups and downs of cultivating a college list, and her expectations of the future. This is what she had to say! Tell us a little about yourself! My name is Eden Jones, and …

Scholarship Q&A With $2,500 Winner Josie Tarrell!

A big congratulations are in order for Josie Tarrell—winner of the $2,500 College Raptor Scholarship! I had the fortune of chatting with Josie about her future college plans, her current search, and her past struggles. Learn what she has to say in her scholarship Q&A! Tell us a little about yourself to start off this …

Q&A With $1,000 College Raptor Scholarship Recipient Reina Sausedo!

College Raptor Scholarship Recipient Reina Sausedo scholarships
Congratulations to the College Raptor Scholarship recipient, Reina Sausedo! Her compelling essay earned her $1,000 towards her higher education. I got the chance to chat with Reina about her experience in searching for colleges and preparing for the next step in her education. Here’s what she had to say! Tell us a little about yourself!  …

Chatting With College Raptor $1,000 Scholarship Winner Grant Parker!

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Congratulations to Grant Parker, the newest College Raptor $1,000 scholarship winner! In addition to writing a winning essay, Grant also answered some interview questions. Read on below to learn about his current college preparations as a high school student. Tell us a little about yourself! My name is Grant Parker, I live in Canton Texas …

Chatting with $2,500 Scholarship Winner Bronwyn Mogck! 

Scholarship winner Bronwyn Mogck holding her official certificate scholarships
The winner of the latest College Raptor $2,500 scholarship is Bronwyn Mogck! I got the chance to interview Bronwyn about her college search journey. We discussed the challenges she faced within the college prep process as well. Bronwyn’s scholarship winner interview is chock full of helpful tips, heartfelt advice, and a great story about searching …