2024 Best Colleges Rankings

College Raptor’s 2024 Best Colleges Rankings have arrived! These lists shine the spotlight on the best colleges and universities that the US has to offer.

Each of these rankings is based on an analysis of data about the school’s selectivity, financial health, graduation rates, student success, and more. We’ve outlined our Best Colleges Rankings full methodology here.

In addition to the top 50 Best College Rankings for 2024, we’ve included 19 additional categories (like “research colleges” and “top HBCUs”). We know that each student has unique considerations in what they are looking for in a school and these top best schools have something for everyone.

2024 university rankings

Top 50 Best Colleges in the United States (2024)

The Top 50 Best Colleges in the United States is the most prestigious rankings list that is released by College Raptor. Updated annually, these schools are the best of the best in the country. They’re home to rich histories, gorgeous campuses, incredible academic programs, and amazing students. What Does Top 50 Mean? The 50 colleges …
2024 university rankings

Top 25 Most Affordable Colleges for the Middle Class (2024)

College cost is one of the biggest factors students and their families have to take into consideration when deciding which school to attend. Finding affordable colleges may seem like a stretch, but thanks to grants, scholarships, in-state tuition, and other factors, attending college can become more within reach for students.  What Does Middle-Class Affordability Mean? …
2024 university rankings

Top 25 Best Easier-to-Get-Into Colleges (2024)

When it comes to applying for colleges, students may feel overwhelmed by the low acceptance rates that some of the best schools have. Even for students with stellar grades, many of these tough-to-get-into colleges can feel like a reach. However, there are plenty of amazing schools that have higher acceptance rates. The 25 best schools …
2024 university rankings

Top 25 Best D3 Colleges in the US (2024)

Almost all colleges and universities in the United States offer some sort of athletic program. Division III, or D3 is a division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). These are colleges and universities that do not offer athletic scholarships to their student-athletes.  For students who are interested in participating in sports at a high …
2024 university rankings

Top 25 Best HBCUs In the US (2024)

Historically Black colleges and universities, also known as HBCUs, are schools that were originally established to serve the African American community before the Civil Rights Movement. They are still incredibly important for the African American community today as they are beacons of the ongoing fight for equality and progress. Currently, there are 102 HBCUs in …
2024 university rankings

Top 25 Best Public Colleges in the US (2024)

Some of the top colleges in the country are public schools. Public colleges and universities are often less expensive than private institutions, have large and diverse student populations, and boast a large list of academic programs and student resources. Known for their student organizations, internship opportunities, and intramural sports, public colleges are filled with opportunities …
2024 university rankings

Top 25 Best Private Colleges in the US (2024)

Many of the best colleges in the United States are private schools and academic powerhouses – some of them are even household names. Rich with history, the best private colleges have produced equally historic alumni. The 25 schools featured here are the best private colleges for 2024. These top private colleges are not only academically …
2024 university rankings

Top 25 Best Research Colleges in the US (2024)

At the height of academia are the research colleges. These schools give both students and faculty the opportunity to participate in hands-on research and in turn the potential to make incredible advancements in the sciences. And in fact, they do. Every single year. What is a Research College? Research colleges refer to schools that offer …
2024 university rankings

Top 25 Best Mid-Sized Colleges in the US (2024)

Not too small and not too big, mid-sized colleges bring a good medium for students who want to experience the best of both worlds. The list of the top 25 best mid-sized colleges below contains schools that have between 2,000 and 10,000 total enrolled undergraduate and undergraduate students. Check out the best mid-sized colleges right …
2024 university rankings

Top 25 Best Large Colleges in the US (2024)

Big, beautiful campuses, large student populations, lots of clubs and sports, and loads of academic opportunities are all characteristics of this year’s top 25 best large colleges. These powerhouse schools are some of the most well-known in the US and bring tons of benefits for students and faculty alike. For this list, we count large …
2024 university rankings

Top 25 Best Mid-East Colleges in the US (2024)

From New York to DC, there are plenty of amazing schools, colleges, and universities in the mid-East. Some of the country’s oldest and best schools can be found here. The area itself is known for its history, vibrant cities, cultural diversity, and educational and professional opportunities. The top 25 best colleges in the mid-East rankings …
2024 university rankings

Top 25 Best Plains Colleges in the US (2024)

The heartland is so much more than just “flyover country.” The Plains are home to booming industry, gorgeous farmlands, wind farms, and incredible colleges. In fact, some of the very best colleges in the US are located in the Plains. Our top 25 best colleges in the Plains region cover Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, …
2024 university rankings

Top 25 Best Rocky Mountain Colleges in the US (2024)

The Rocky Mountains, also known as the Rockies, are as impressive as the states they span. This region offers beautiful vistas, unique wildlife, challenging hikes, and great skiing, but the states also offer amazing schools and educational opportunities. For this list, we’re including the following states in the Rocky Mountain region: Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, …

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