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How Much Do Professors Make: A Quick Guide

Professors’ earnings, on a scale of one to ten, range from one to ten! There are different levels of university teaching staff which include assistant, associate, and full professors. Full professors’ salaries will depend on whether or not they have tenure (a long-term teaching contract), their education, how many degrees they have and in what …
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What Degree Do I Need For My Dream Job?

Do you have a dream job in mind, but aren’t quite clear on what degree you need to actually apply for that job after graduation? Some jobs may require a high school diploma, but others ask for a Master’s or higher. Here are a few ways to find out what degree you will have to …
College Raptor Careers Center
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How to Use College Raptor’s New Career Center!

College Raptor just launched a brand new tool that can further assist students and their families in the college planning process—the Career Center! Whether students want to learn more about potential careers or find what college best fits their job goals, this new database will help students on their journey. Let’s break down how to …
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How Do I Write an Effective Resume?

A good resume might be exactly the thing that will help you land your dream job. But, before we go into the talk on how to create a job-landing resume, let’s make one thing clear – what exactly is a resume? By definition, a resume is a summary of your professional, education, and sometimes even …
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Should You Take An Unpaid Internship?

This is one of the many questions you will have to think about as you consider taking on an internship. There is no one right answer to this question. It would certainly be nice to get paid for the work you are doing, but sometimes an opportunity comes along that sounds promising and ticks all …
The kind of internship you want depends on your interests and goals
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What Kind of Internship Should I Look For?

It is well-known that to get a job in today’s society, one must have some form of experience. Internships are helpful in this regard: They are designed to give you experience. Sometimes they’re paid, which makes things a little easier. Many, however, will be “paying” you with experience and college credit. So other than that, …