College Raptor Adds Career Discovery to Leading College Searching Platform

June 12, 2019

College Raptor Adds Career Discovery to Leading College Searching Platform

College Raptor Careers Center

Iowa City, IA — Did you know that the fastest growing career in the next decade is expected to be Solar Photovoltaic Installers, or that one of the highest paid careers for a bachelor’s degree holder is Nurse Anesthetist?

College Raptor, a leading college discovery platform and a comprehensive resource on college affordability and acceptance odds, has launched a new College Raptor Careers Center to make it easy for students to find career information like this and more.

Through its extensive work with more than 1,000,000 families engaged in college planning, College Raptor has found that students have different goals as they begin their college search. Some students begin by finding schools that best fit them academically or financially, while others start by setting their sights on a specific job, one that they will enjoy. In both instances, students want to make informed decisions about which schools are worth their time and financial investment.

Connecting career planning to college searching is becoming increasingly important and school counselors are looking for great tools. “College success is the primary goal of our office. Gone are the days of just getting students ‘to college,’” says Nick Siler, College & Career Advisor, The Howard School, Chattanooga, TN. “Our main focus now should be getting students ‘To and Through College.’ It is critical for students to understand their career options so they can point their compasses to the right education at the start of the college search process. We regularly use College Raptor and the new Careers Center will further support developing an even clearer road map to life for our students.

Research studies indicate that early career planning leads to better educational outcomes and ultimately, career success. Students that make college and academic major decisions based on career choice are more likely to graduate on time and earn higher salaries. They also tend to change careers less often. College Raptor’s Careers Center makes it easy for students to obtain information about the number of job openings, typical salaries, education level, and necessary skills for over 1,100 careers. Students can also discover which careers are growing in their state versus which careers may require relocation. For example, with Raptor, students can better understand how job opportunities may differ in Florida or Illinois when compared to California.

College Raptor’s mission is ‘The Right College, The Best Price.’ We’ve helped millions of families see how much college really costs so they can find affordable college options. College costs are important, but it is also crucial to choose a career and major that will help students to thrive after they earn their degree. Raptor’s new Careers Center lets students evaluate career opportunities, see what colleges/majors will prepare them for each career, and then compare college costs and outcomes. By offering all of these features free to the public, is transforming lives and improving student outcomes throughout the U.S.,” said Bill Staib, College Raptor’s CEO.

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For more information, please contact Chris Paasch at 319-849-7101, [email protected].

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