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College Raptor Releases 2020 Best Colleges Rankings

August 29th, 2019 Experts on College Affordability Release 2020’s Best Colleges Rankings Find out who made the top U.S. and regional rankings and which colleges received honors on Raptor’s new ROI-focused lists. College Raptor, the most accurate search site for estimating the true cost of college, released their 2020 Best Colleges Rankings. Millions of families …
Image caption: Two students were selected as winners by College Raptor for the most recent scholarship program. Congratulations to winner Alexandra Szewc (top) and runner-up winner, Jack Do (bottom).

Two Scholarship Winners At College Raptor

June 12, 2019 College Raptor Presents Two Scholarship Winners Iowa City, IA — College Raptor selects Alexandra Szewc from New Jersey, as a $2,500 scholarship winner and Jack Do, a Georgia resident, as a $1,000 scholarship winner in the College Raptor Scholarship Program. Alexandra Szwec attends the Academy for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering where she …

College Raptor Adds Career Discovery to Leading College Searching Platform

June 12, 2019 College Raptor Adds Career Discovery to Leading College Searching Platform Iowa City, IA — Did you know that the fastest growing career in the next decade is expected to be Solar Photovoltaic Installers, or that one of the highest paid careers for a bachelor’s degree holder is Nurse Anesthetist? College Raptor, a …

Increasing enrollment through student lead generation

Student Lead Generation Better leads from better data. Leverage the power of College Raptor’s proprietary student matching algorithms and college discovery platform to recruit the best-fit students.  Download PDF Key Features and Benefits

Guiding your financial aid awarding strategies

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FinanceFirst® A student’s SAI is a critical data point in successful enrollment efforts. FinanceFirst® is College Raptor’s early SAI estimation tool that enables you to get ahead of the competition and transform your strategy to achieve your goals.  Download PDF Key Features and Benefits

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Predictive Modeling Target with precision, prioritize recruitment efforts, and maximize efficiency. College Raptor’s ground-breaking predictive modeling service harnesses the power of advanced AI combined with your historical data to improve your recruitment efforts.  Download PDF Key Features and Benefits  

Making the Most out of Your Financial Aid Dollars

Financial Aid Leveraging Affordability and net price are key factors in college choice today. Understanding how to intelligently leverage your valuable financial aid resources is critical to enrollment success. Go beyond traditional analytics and transform your strategy with College Raptor.  Download PDF Key Features and Benefits

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