Financial Aid Leveraging

Affordability and net price are key factors in college choice today. Understanding how to intelligently leverage your valuable financial aid resources is critical to enrollment success. Go beyond traditional analytics and transform your strategy with College Raptor.

Competitive insights

Analyzing your historical data is only the first step. We’ve added a completely new dimension to financial aid modeling by using College Raptor’s proprietary algorithms to develop the most insightful awarding strategies possible. In addition to your historical information, we use market research, individual student enrollment predictors, competitor analysis, and more to help you build a truly comprehensive and optimized awarding model, driven by data and designed to achieve your goals.

Full funnel

Financial aid is important at every stage of the enrollment cycle, not just at the time of admission. College Raptor can estimate any student’s EFC at the ZIP+4 level, and that unique capability allows you to model the impact of different pricing and awarding strategies across the full spectrum of your prospective student pool.

Multiple custom strategies

By crafting multiple approaches to financial aid leveraging and modeling each one, we can measure the impact of each aid strategy on your expected enrollment and net revenue per student. We work with you every step of the way to create, test, and execute the optimal awarding plan to achieve your specific headcount, net revenue, and class profile goals.

Customized, continual support

At College Raptor, we build true partnerships with colleges and universities. We work together to realize your goals because that’s how we succeed – together. From initial strategy discussions and data analysis through implementation and enrollment of your class, we’re here to assist, guide, and rally your success through constant access and one-of-a-kind support.

Real results

College Raptor’s unique approach to financial aid leveraging is truly revolutionary. One campus partner utilizing our financial aid leveraging and predictive modeling service was able to grow it’s freshman enrollment by 40% year-over-year. The following year, they grew another 18% and exceeded their enrollment and net revenue goals.


We asked financial aid and enrollment leaders across the country to evaluate the most important components of a Net Price Calculator. See how our calculator service stacked up in each component and what a few of our partners had to say.


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