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12 Common Misconceptions About College and Planning: Debunked

There’s a lot that goes into planning for college, from choosing a good-match college and figuring out your finances to working on your academic and extracurricular accomplishments. There’s no denying that going through all the preparatory steps and making sure they all fit together can be challenging. But what makes it even more challenging are …

5 of the Smartest Players in NFL History

When you watch football, you see a majority of players have a solid understanding of the game, of course – they have to! And many of them have been to and graduated from college with degrees. But how do they stack up in intelligence off the field? Keep reading to learn about some of the …

20 Interesting Black History Month Facts

February celebrates Black History Month, but do you know the people who paved the way? From Toni Morrison and Gabby Douglas to Harriet Tubman and George Washington Carver, we’re here to celebrate the influence that all these people have on American culture and more importantly, African American culture. Here are some interesting Black History Month …
You don't have to major in a subject you're really good at.

Myth: What You Major in has to be a Subject You Are Really Good At

It’s a common belief (and misconception) that if you’re good at something, you should make it your life’s path. This is especially the case when it comes to college and your future career. Many students believe that what to major in is entirely tied to whether or not they’re really good at a certain subject. …
There isn't just one perfect school for you.

Myth: There is ONE Perfect School for Me

While you’re looking at schools, you may have it in your mind that there is one perfect school for you, a “soulmate”. However, most students find that’s simply not the case. There Are Good Fits, Not Perfect Schools We all want there to be that “perfect” school, but that just isn’t the case. There’s no …
You'll actually have plenty of opportunities to interact and work with college upperclassmen.

Myths About College Upperclassmen

The class divisions in high school can be stark and unforgiving, and you might think that college will be more of the same. This really isn’t the case. Here are a few myths about college upperclassmen to break down for you. I won’t see any upperclassmen in my courses. While there are a few exceptions …
Some students won't attend a state school due to a few myths

Don’t Believe These Myths About State Schools

When creating their shortlist of preferred schools, some students do not even consider their state school. This is mainly because of a few myths doing the rounds that have given these institutions a bad reputation. Myth #1: You’re just another number at a state school Fact: State schools can accommodate upwards of 25,000 students. With …
A person standing with crossed arms and smiling while more people are meeting in the background.

No GMAT? No Problem! Busting a Common MBA Admissions Myth

Have you stopped short of applying to business school because you were uncertain about taking the GMAT? That’s understandable; preparing for and taking the GMAT is a time-consuming and expensive process. Especially when you consider how many prospective applicants end up taking this entrance exam more than once. But what if you could get into …

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