Myth: There is ONE Perfect School for Me

There isn't just one perfect school for you.

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While you’re looking at schools, you may have it in your mind that there is one perfect school for you, a “soulmate”. However, most students find that’s simply not the case.

There Are Good Fits, Not Perfect Schools

We all want there to be that “perfect” school, but that just isn’t the case. There’s no soulmate to your education. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t find the right school for you. That’s what you should be aiming for when it comes time to search for future colleges: finding the right fit, not the perfect school.

Keep this in mind if your family members or friends suggest schools that they went to and loved. While they may have been a great choice for your loved ones, they may not be the best in line with what you want in life and for your education.

Make A List Of What You Want in A School

To find that “right fit,” you have to know exactly what you want out of your future college or university. Start with your intended major; does the school have that? Consider location, size of the town, things to do around the area, extracurricular activities on campus, dorm rooms, and more.

There’s a lot that goes into your education. You want to be sure you’ll be happy with your classes as well as your environment. You’ll be able to weed out schools you thought you might have liked prior by knowing exactly what you want in your future college.

Do Your Research

Once you know what you want, you can start doing further research into schools that fits your wants and needs when it comes to your education. This will go a long way in finding that “right fit”. It’s unlikely that you will find that perfect fit though so remember to keep that in mind. You’re searching for schools that are best for your needs.

Use online tools like College Raptor to narrow down your choices. You can also use College Raptor to find those colleges and universities that are in line with what you want.

If you feel you found that right fit, still do your research. There’s no guarantee that you will be accepted to that college. Make sure to apply to a number of good fits so you have backups and choices when it comes time to make a decision. Keep in mind though even if you don’t get into that highly desired college, it won’t destroy your life. You have other choices now that you’ve done your research.

Finding the right fit for your college education is an exciting discovery, but remember to keep in mind that it is far from perfect. Even if you feel the school is your soulmate, you may not absolutely love everything over the next four years. There may be things you don’t truly love about the college and even things you hate. There’s no school that is your soulmate and if you don’t get into that “perfect fit,” there are plenty of other colleges that are right for you.

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