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How Do I Discover My Financial Aid Eligibility?

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Many, if not most, students depend on some financial aid to help them cover the cost of college. Determining financial aid eligibility, however, can be confusing. What do you qualify for? How much can you earn? This article covers the general eligibility requirements for the 3 main types of financial aid available to students—federal student …

Are There Graduate School Scholarships?

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Are you planning on attending graduate school after you earn your Bachelor’s? You may be wondering about how you’re going to pay for the degree. Student loans are one way, of course, but they shouldn’t be your first option. Believe it or not, there are graduate school scholarships too! Here’s what you need to know! …

Why Does College Cost So Much?

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One of the first things to pop up in a conversation about college is the price. Why does college cost so much? Is there any way to graduate without paying an arm and a leg? Or being buried in debt? Let’s break down why the price tag is the way it is, then we can …

Are There Scholarships For College Students?

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As a high school student you probably spent a lot of time looking for scholarships. They’re the best way to pay for college, after all, and can offset your higher education expenses. The more you earn in scholarships, the less you have to pay out of pocket or take out in student loans. So why …

Should I Use Grants for College?

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Scholarships are one of the most popular ways to pay for college. And easily the most well-known. But what about grants? One common question that revolves around financial aid and college tuition is “Should I use grants for college?” Of course, the follow up is: how to get grants for college. We cover just that …

How Do I Prevent Student Loan Default?

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You know what happens if you default on your student loans—your credit history takes a hit. This can have serious consequences on your future financial prospects. Lenders are reluctant to approve loans to defaulters and even if they do, they will charge you premium interest rates. This is not a scenario that anyone wants to …