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How To Write A Thank You Letter For A Scholarship

Scholarships can be a game changer for your college career. They can significantly reduce the amount of student loans you’ll need to take out, making the transition to post-grad life much easier on your finances. Knowing how to write a thank you letter for a scholarship is key! Scholarships come from all different organizations and …
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What is a Permanent Home Address? What it means for your student.

What Does Students Permanent Home Mean? Your ‘permanent home address’ is something you’ll need to fill in when completing most types of applications, from college applications to student loan applications. Not surprisingly, many students get stuck at answering this question. Does ‘permanent home’ refer to their current place of residence or does it refer to …
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What Does the Student Loan Repayment Extension Mean for You?

If you’ve got federal student loans and are following the latest updates, you’ve definitely heard about the latest student loan repayment extension. On December 21, 2021, President Biden announced that the student loan repayment pause would be extended from January 31, 2022 to May 1, 2022. The additional 90 days of no payments has students …
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The Final Few Months to Graduation (Senior Checklist)

Your high school experience is nearly over, and you’re going to start college in the Fall – congratulations on all of your amazing achievements! But don’t stop thinking about your education even though you’ve completed your college applications and may have even heard back from a few schools. Follow our senior checklist of all the …
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Is Student Loan Forbearance Right For Me?

Forbearance is an option that allows borrowers to postpone loan payments while they’re in school. What’s important to know is that interest does not stop accruing during the time. This accrued interest increases the cost of the loan considerably. However, delaying paying off your student loans can also help you focus on finding a job …