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What Is “Discretionary Income” And Why Does It Matter For Student Loans?

A black wallet on the ground. questions & answers
Discretionary Income is the money that you have left over after you have finished paying all your essentials such as rent, food, and utilities. Spending Discretionary Income While nobody can tell you how to spend your discretionary income, if you have outstanding student loans, you may want to be a little careful about what you …
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What is Student Loan “Principal Balance?”

What is a student loan principal balance? questions & answers
When you’re applying for (or repaying) student loans, you’re going to come across quite a few terms that you may not quite understand. One of these terms is your student loan “principal balance.” Here’s a quick rundown of what that means for your student loan debt. What is “principal balance?” The principal balance is the …
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When is the Best Time to Consolidate My Student Loans?

Consolidating can be a huge relief, but when is the best time to consolidate your student loans questions & answers
Let’s say you went to college and had to take out multiple student loans. Now that you’ve graduated, it’s time to repay all those loans. It can get overwhelming quickly. Luckily, there’s consolidation. Student loan consolidation can be a huge relief to students juggling multiple loans. This process combines the loans into one simple monthly …
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