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Are Uncertified Student Loans Bad? 

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Many students going to college end up taking out some kind of student loan. Even more so, many end up taking out private student loans. There are pros and cons to taking any type of private student loans, and uncertified student loans are no different. Before you apply for an uncertified student loan, it is …
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What is the Difference Between Interest Rates and APR?

We breakdown the difference between APR vs interest rate. questions & answers
Despite what some well-meaning people may tell you, there really is a difference between an interest rate vs APR (annual percentage rate). Understanding this difference is important. You don’t want to make any mistakes when calculating your loan costs.  Interest Rates An interest rate is essentially the cost of borrowing money for a particular length of …
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Should You Refinance Federal Loans With A Private Lender?

Is it a good idea to refinance your federal student loans with a private lender? questions & answers
The main reason borrowers choose to refinance their loan option is to negotiate new terms with the refinanced loan. Some borrowers choose to refinance to take advantage of current lower interest rates. Others may choose this option because are struggling with their existing loans and looking for a way to lower their monthly payments. Refinancing …
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What Does It Really Mean To Have “Financial Need?”

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You probably see a lot of documents, articles, or websites talking about “financial need,” especially when it comes to FAFSA, student loans, and scholarships. However, there is a bit more to financial need than you may realize. This is a quick run down dispelling some of the myths and explaining the terms that surround demonstrated …
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What Does Student Loan Origination Mean?

What does student loan origination mean questions & answers
Many students going to college end up taking out student loans. When you apply for a student loan, lenders process your application before it can be approved. In industry terms, this is known as student loan origination. Origination Think of the root word “Origin.” This is a brand new loan, created by the lender for …
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Can I Consolidate Federal and Private Loans?

Can you consolidate federal and private loans questions & answers
If you’re taking out both federal and private loans, you may be wondering if you can consolidate federal and private loans after graduation. Here’s what you need to know about your options, consolidating, and refinancing. Yes, You Can Consolidate Federal and Private Loans! Although it wasn’t an option for years, you are now able to …
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