What Happens At Financial Aid Night?

What happens during financial aid night?

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Every year, in the fall, almost all schools across the US hold Financial Aid Nights. The main purpose of financial aid night is to simplify the complex financial aid process for prospective college students.

If you are a junior or senior in high school, you should try and attend Financial Aid Night with your parents! That way, everyone gets a better understanding of how to apply for and accept financial aid. You also get a heads up on the hidden minefields you should look out for while applying for and accepting the different types of financial aid packages. Applying for and accepting financial aid can be tricky, from the long forms to all the acronyms and unfamiliar terms. You’ll want as much help as you can get, and where better than at a financial aid night?

Here’s what to expect at Financial Aid Night:

Easy Access to Financial Aid Experts

Schools invite several financial aid experts to attend this particular event. While you could get all the information you need from your high school’s counselor at any time of the year, these experts deal solely with student financial aid and can give you information based on years of experience. They can answer some of your more specific questions that your high school counselor may not be able to. Pay attention to what other people are asking too! Take notes so that you can refer back to the answers later on in your financial aid process.

An Explanation of the FAFSA Process

Filling out the FAFSA may be difficult for some students. There’s an overwhelming amount of information that you need to submit in order to find the best financial aid packages available. Not to mention, the FAFSA form is long and even has branching sections depending on your financial situations. At the Financial Aid Night, experts will go over everything you need to know about how to file the FAFSA so you can get the maximum financial aid that you are eligible for. Again, maybe take some notes so you can look back on them later. When it comes to paying for college, you definitely want to get as much financial aid as possible.

Lots of Related Information

Financial aid events offer a wealth of information on what is available through the US Department of Education. They also offer information on specialty grants, scholarships, and private lender options. That’s incredibly helpful to students who don’t even know where to start with financial aid. It can be a daunting process trying to figure out how to afford college. Financial aid nights try to guide students who are a bit lost. They also help prospective college students and their parents understand terms such as EFC or Expected Family Contribution, COA or Cost of Attendance and other terms that are associated with applying for and receiving financial aid. Understanding the terms is a big part of knowing what exactly you’re applying for and receiving when you get an award letter.

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