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Myth: Unpaid Internships Aren’t Worth It

A girl pointing her hand to the monitor while a bald man watching her from the foreground. myths
There is a heavy debate about whether or not it is worth taking internships if they’re unpaid. So let’s take a closer look at what you really get out of an internship besides a paycheck, and you can determine if it’s worthwhile for you personally…or not. College Credit Oftentimes if an internship is unpaid, they’ll …
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Myths You May Have Heard About Internships

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Internships have become an almost vital part of modern job hunts. They are the experience we often need to get entry-level positions outside of retail or food service. Like many other topics in college, they are often surrounded by a series of common myths. So let’s get a few things straight. Myth #1: You can’t …
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3 Myths About Working While in College

Is working while in college a good idea? myths
The debate over the benefits and drawbacks of working in college is ongoing, with both sides sticking firmly to their point of view. Several studies that have been done into this area have thrown up some interesting facts, some completely contrary to the prevailing beliefs. Busting some of the myths about working while in college …
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Myths about College Majors

Selecting a college major can be both a rewarding and confusing enterprise. Majors can range from general to niche. You can double major, switch majors, select a specialization within your major. But with all these options available, misconceptions and myths can muddy the water. Here are a few common myths about college majors: I have …
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Myth: Internships Are Only for College Students

Internships are not only for college students myths
We most often hear about how a college student we know is aiming for this internship during their summer or that one immediately after graduation, but did you know that interning isn’t only for people in college? Here’s why you should still consider going after that internship even if you’re still in high school: Great …
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Myth: Only the Grades in Your Major-Related Classes Matter

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Going into college, it’s easy to think that your grades don’t matter for the first couple of years. They won’t matter until you really start to hone in on your major, right? A common misconception is that you don’t have to worry about general education classes and electives are ones. However, there are several reasons …
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Myth: Everyone Else Has Their Life Figured Out

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Think of a peer you admire, whether it be a friend, classmate, or someone prevalent on campus. How do you perceive their life and their success? Chances are, if you admire someone, you probably think that their life is all put together and that they know exactly what they are doing. However, you can never …
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Myth: College is Only For Young Students in Their 20’s

You may have noticed that not everyone in your college classroom is your age, especially if you are taking a night course. Adult learners are a growing presence in post-secondary education. Some schools (such as Phoenix University, which you’ve probably seen ads for) openly cater to these students. But what exactly is an adult learner? …
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5 Myths about College Academic Advisors / Counselors

Here are five myths about college academic advisors myths
We all know how difficult it can be to admit we need help, especially the more we are considered adults. But the beautiful thing about academic advisors (sometimes called college counselors) is that their sole job is to provide assistance to you throughout your college career. They are there to make sure you succeed, so …
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College Myth: There are No Jobs for Liberal Arts Degrees

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Some of your parents might be worrying because you want to go to a liberal arts school. “How are you going to get a job with a Liberal Arts degree?” they might ask. “Being a Business major is a surefire way to land a job, right? Or in some niche fields like Computer Science?” Liberal …
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