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Allison Wignall
Allison is the Associate Editor of College Raptor. In addition to writing and editing posts, she also works on marketing and special projects. She recently graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor's degree in English: Creative Writing.

Scholarships for Information Technology Majors


As technology becomes more and more integrated into businesses and everyday lives, the need for technology professionals grows. Information Technology is one such field of study that has seen exponential growth and popularity. For students majoring in IT, here are a number of helpful scholarship opportunities: Foundation for IT Education Scholarships The Foundation for IT …

What Can a Student Loan Pay For?

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We know that student loans are used to pay for college, obviously, but “pay for college” is a pretty broad description. Let’s narrow it down a bit: Tuition & College Fees This is often what people first think of when it comes to student loans. Tuition has been on the rise for many, many years …

Myth: If I Match Most of a Scholarship’s Requirements, I Can Still Be Eligible


Submitting a scholarship application is a lot like submitting a resume. You’ll give them your name, your experience, answer some questions, and might even have an interview. So it follows that if you don’t 100% meet all the requirements on a scholarship, you can still submit your application…right? Meeting All Eligibility Requirements Nope. When it …

Making a Vacation Out of a College Visit

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College visits are typically offered year round, but two of the most popular options are during the fall and during the summer. The summer-months are free from school obligations, making them ideal for planning college visits, especially for schools farther from home. But does going on college visits mean sacrificing summer vacation? Not necessarily. There …

Myth: SAT Math is Harder than ACT Math


There’s an ongoing idea that the SAT is the more difficult of the two entrance exams. A tangential myth is that SAT math is harder than ACT math. However, like the parent myth, the difficulty will entirely depend on the students themselves. The Differences in SAT and ACT Math First off, let’s highlight the differences …

Do I Have to Demonstrate Financial Need to Earn Scholarships?

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Some students don’t bother looking for scholarships because they don’t think they’ll qualify for any. There’s a persisting myth that in order to have a chance at winning scholarship money you have to have significant financial need. However, that’s not true of all scholarships. There Are Financial-Based Scholarships, But… While there are plenty of scholarships …