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Allison is the Associate Editor of College Raptor. In addition to writing and editing posts, she also works on marketing and special projects. She recently graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor's degree in English: Creative Writing.

How to Pay for College

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In this guide we’ll cover the following questions: How do I find affordable colleges? What’s the difference between net price and sticker price? Why should you compare financial aid packages? Can you save money with community or online colleges? What do I do if college savings aren’t enough to cover everything? How important is the …

SAT Subject Tests: Mathematics Level 1


One fantastic way to give your college app a boost is by taking an SAT Subject Test. These additional tests highlight academic skills in certain areas that the standard SAT test can’t show. There are two Mathematics subject tests—Level 1 and 2. Let’s talk about the former. Mathematics Level 1 Overview Level 1 primarily focuses …

SAT Subject Tests: Literature


Beyond the standard SAT are the SAT Subject Tests. These additional multiple-choice exams highlight a students skill and knowledge in specific areas. There are 22 tests total, spanning across multiple subjects. When it comes to English, there’s only one test—Literature. Literature Overview It’s all in the name. The Literature Subject Test allows the student to …

Hobby Scholarships


Not all scholarships are academic or sports based. In fact, you can earn some scholarship money based on your hobbies! That’s right, the things you do for fun in your free-time can help you pay for college. Scholastic Art & Writing Portfolio Awards Amount: $1,000; $10,000 The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are all about …

A Breakdown of the Different College Entrance Exams


Getting into college isn’t as easy as submitting your high school transcript and writing a few essays. One very important element to a college application is the entrance exam score. The most well known, of course, are the ACT and SAT, but let’s break down the others as well. PSAT / NMSQT Think of the …

Why Do Some Colleges Require the ACT/SAT and Others Don’t?

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While a majority of colleges and universities still do require students to submit their ACT/SAT test scores, there is a growing trend of schools that don’t require scores. These are known as test-optional schools.  Why Test-Optional? There is an ongoing debate about the validity of standardized testing exams. Some argue that they aren’t an accurate representation …

FAQs About College Visits

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College visits are a key part to the college search process. Being on campus, seeing the buildings, interacting with the professors, can give you a better feel and understanding for that experience than online research alone. Here we’ve collected some of the most common questions about college visits, so you can be prepared for your …