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Allison is the Editor & Content Manager of College Raptor. In addition to writing and editing posts, she also works on marketing and special projects. She graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in English: Creative Writing.

College Raptor Announces Two Brand New Scholarship Winners!

New Scholarship Winners Tai and John
Iowa City, Iowa 4/1/2021 Meet College Raptor’s Two New Scholarship Winners! Out of hundreds of essay applicants, John McGowan and Tai Ngyuen were chosen as the most recent College Raptor Scholarship Winners! The two wrote moving essays about their challenges and successes in the college search process. Learn more about these impressive students below.  The …

Q&A Interview With Scholarship Winner John McGowan! 

John McGowan scholarships
John McGowan is the winner of the $2,500 College Raptor scholarship! Congratulations are in order. Recently I had the chance to chat with John about his college search journey and what challenges he faced along the way. Check out this interview with a scholarship winner! Tell us about yourself! My name is John McGowan. I …

Q&A Interview With Scholarship Winner Tai Nguyen!

Scholarship winner Tai Nguyen scholarships
Tai Nguyen deserves a round of applause for winning the $1,000 College Raptor scholarship! His winning essay included details about his college journey and we just had to know more. Here is our Q&A interview with scholarship winner Tai Nguyen! Tell us about yourself! Hey! I’m Tai Nguyen and currently a senior at Mountain View …

New Tool Helps Students Decipher Confusing College Financial Aid Offers

Student frustrated with confusing offer letter
1/21/2021 Iowa City, Iowa.  New Tool Helps Students Find Their Best College Deals by Deciphering Otherwise Confusing College Financial Aid Offers Just in time for college acceptance season, College Raptor® launches a best-in-class solution to help families compare the true costs of different colleges. So you or your child got accepted into multiple colleges? Great!  …

The Latest College Raptor Scholarship Winners Announced!

Scholarship winners William and Sofia
Iowa City, Iowa. 12/21/20 The Latest College Raptor Scholarship Winners Announced! A round of applause for William Li and Sofia Zapata—the latest College Raptor scholarship winners! The two had the most impressive essays detailing their college search journey and were awarded the $2,500 and $1,000 awards, respectively. Learn what they had to say! $2,500 Scholarship …

Q&A with $1,000 Scholarship Award Winner Sofia Zapata

Scholarship award winner Sofia Zapata scholarships
Sofia Zapata is the latest scholarship award winner here at College Raptor! Her gripping essay about her college search journey earned her $1,000 towards her higher education costs. I had the chance to chat further with Sofia about her dreams and challenges. Here’s what she had to say! Tell us about yourself! Well, my name …

Chatting with $2,500 Scholarship Winner William Li

$2500 Scholarship winner William Li scholarships
William Li is College Raptor’s latest $2500 Scholarship Winner! Congratulations, William. I had the chance to chat with this bright student about his college search journey. Here’s what he had to say. Tell us about yourself! I’m currently a senior attending Brooklyn Technical High School. My main academic interests are in computer engineering. I love …

Can I Edit The FAFSA After I Submit It?

Pencil erasers to edit mistakes financial aid
Yes, you can edit the FAFSA after you’ve submitted it. And, you should edit it if any information is inaccurate or outdated. When filling out the FAFSA, you are required to enter information that’s correct as of the day you sign the application. However, this information could change any time. You may move and have …

13 Distance Learning Resources That Will Make Online Education Easier

Vivo Standing Desk tips tools & advice
At no extra cost to you, College Raptor may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.  Responding to the pandemic has required creativity, flexibility, and patience. While many schools have switched to online distance learning, both teachers and students alike are still figuring out just how that works. Whether you’ve got your …