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Allison is the Editor & Content Manager of College Raptor. In addition to writing and editing posts, she also works on marketing and special projects. She graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in English: Creative Writing.

College Raptor Scholarship Winner Announcement!

Two Scholarship Winners
June 10, 2020 College Raptor’s Scholarship Winner Announcement! Iowa City, IA — College Raptor has announced the recipients of the latest scholarship awards. Katelyn Vandergoot, the $2,500 winner, will be attending the University of Toledo. And Courteney Wilkinson, the $1,000 winner, plans to transfer to a college with a great Public Health program. In her …
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Q&A With Courteney Wilkinson — College Raptor’s Scholarship Award Certificate Winner!

Courteney Wilkinson thumbnail scholarships
Courteney Wilkinson is the most recent winner of the College Raptor $1,000 scholarship award certificate! Courteney was kind enough to answer a few questions about her college search and journey. There are some great insights in her Q&A that might be helpful to college-bound students. Check it out! Tell us about yourself! I am 24 …
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Scholarship Q&A With $2,500 Winner Josie Tarrell!

A big congratulations are in order for Josie Tarrell—winner of the $2,500 College Raptor Scholarship! I had the fortune of chatting with Josie about her future college plans, her current search, and her past struggles. Learn what she has to say in her scholarship Q&A! Tell us a little about yourself to start off this …
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Coronavirus and Colleges: What You Need to Know

Icon of a College student with a fever. college search
The rise of COVID-19, also commonly referred to as the coronavirus, has affected everyone’s life in some way or another. Shops are closing, travel is restricted, and it’s difficult to find hand sanitizer anywhere. Coronavirus has also had a major impact on higher education. Here’s what would need to know about coronavirus and colleges. Colleges …
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Top 10 Colleges With The Largest Endowments (2020)

A college library filled with books. college comparisons
Endowments often form the biggest source of financial aid for most colleges and universities in America. Colleges use part of this endowment money on various expenses, mostly on long term plans to improve the campus facilities. An almost equal part of their endowment money is reserved to fund financial aid programs and student scholarships. These …
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