Allison Wignall
Allison is the Associate Editor of College Raptor. In addition to writing and editing posts, she also works on marketing and special projects. She recently graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor's degree in English: Creative Writing.

Honesty is the Best Policy: Why You Shouldn’t Stretch the Truth on Your College Applications

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You know what they say: cheaters never prosper. Now, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t lie on your college application. Colleges can figure that out, and with all the checks in balances in place, you won’t get away with anything. But stretching the truth? Everyone embellishes their applications, right? Well, maybe you shouldn’t. Here’s …

How To Maximize Your Merit-Based Financial Aid

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When it comes to merit-based financial aid, students are awarded based on their academic accomplishments, special skills, and demographics. You may qualify for merit-based financial aid if you’ve earned good grades in high school, or you’ve gained special recognition for your skills in any field, or for your dedication to community service, or belong to …

Scholarships for Film Students


From its creation, film has been an immensely powerful media force. It’s an art form that both reflects and defines societies and generations. From mega blockbusters that entertain the masses, to powerful heart-warming documentaries that uncover hidden truths. There are plenty of scholarship opportunities for students majoring in film fields, and here are just a …

ACT Special Circumstances: Do You Qualify?


The test itself may be standardized, but people rarely are. There will always be special circumstances, and so the ACT has addressed some of them and made other options available to qualifying students. The rules are still pretty strict, but there are exceptions. Fee Waivers The ACT isn’t free, and if you add the writing …

ACT / SAT Study Tips: Manage Your Study Space and Time


There are dozens of ways to study for the ACT/SAT—using practice books, taking online practice tests, attending review sessions, hiring a tutor. Different strategies work for different people, but there are certain things that all students should adhere to: namely, their space and time. Study Space It’s important to manage your study space. Ideally, you …

How to Proofread Your College Application Essay

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Proofreading is a vital part of the college application process. On your admission forms, your transcripts, essays, and scholarship apps. Submitting anything without first proofreading can cost you big time, as the smallest typos can make a big impact. So when it comes to your college application essay, here’s how to proofread. Proofread for Spelling …