College Raptor Announces Two Brand New Scholarship Winners!

Iowa City, Iowa 4/1/2021

New Scholarship Winners Tai and John

Meet College Raptor’s Two New Scholarship Winners!

Out of hundreds of essay applicants, John McGowan and Tai Ngyuen were chosen as the most recent College Raptor Scholarship Winners! The two wrote moving essays about their challenges and successes in the college search process. Learn more about these impressive students below. 

The $2,500 Winner — John McGowan!

 New Jersey native John McGowan won the top prize with his essay about the difficulties of choosing the right college. He highlighted the issue of cost and how College Raptor changed his perspective about what was truly affordable. 

“College Raptor clearly listed the “real” cost of college when I included my financial information,” McGowan says in his Scholarship Q&A. “This information made many more colleges financially feasible. This would allow me to attend a highly prestigious college with the major of my choice without accruing crippling college debt.”

The $1,000 Winner — Tai Nguyen! 

When it came to choosing colleges for his list, Tai Nguyen fell into the same trap as many other high school students. He focused only on well-known schools with prestige and famous names. But as Tai learned, there’s a lot more to choosing the right school.

“Many students, including myself, go into the college application process looking mainly at the name of schools. The more prestigious the college is, the more appealing it becomes,” Nguyen said in his winning essay. “Yet we all forget what college is about. College Raptor helped me tremendously in my application process, as it flushed out the full details of the schools I was hoping to apply to. The academic match, acceptance odds, as well as financial costs, all assisted me greatly when I finalized my college list. I had to think about my financial situation going into college and then out, as well as my personal preferences in my ideal college.”

A Word from College Raptor’s CEO

“Our mission is to make it easy for families to find great, affordable colleges so students can pursue their dreams. As our two winners learned, the college process has a lot of elements to consider. Therefore, Raptor focuses on providing the best tools to help students succeed. Congratulations to John and Tai.  We look forward to seeing where these promising young men go,” says William Staib, CEO and co-founder of College Raptor.

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