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Free Scholarships for college
Did you know there are billions of scholarship dollars waiting to be awarded? Better yet, waiting for students like you to discover them and apply (that’s right, and many don’t even need an essay).
Last year alone, there was $139 billion awarded in grants and scholarships.
Get started on applying with our Scholarship Search Tool. It’s going to pull a list of all the free money that could be yours.
“Raptor’s goal is to help students and families find great colleges they can afford. Scholarships and grants play an important role in filling the gaps of college cost. Our Scholarship Search Tool takes the frustration out of looking for awards. It saves students time, focuses on qualifying scholarships, and includes institutional, government, and private awards.”
William E. Staib President and CEO, Co-Founder
This FREE tool allows you to see options from different institutions, private businesses, and even federal and state governments. Unlike other scholarship finders, we search against a comprehensive list of all types of financial aid. We show you 100% of the scholarship money available unlike other sites that only search for the 12% of aid that come from private scholarships.
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You can stack your scholarships so the amount of aid you receive isn’t capped, unlike student loans. Scholarships are a smart way to pay for your college education because they are FREE money. Unlike student loans, you don’t have to repay your scholarships. You can use them for all your education-related expenses. For example:
  • Tuition
  • Meal Plans
  • Fill in the gaps of institutional aid
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Student loans
  • And more
Scholarships can cover it all. Plus, they are available to both undergraduate and graduate students. Finding scholarships you qualify for is easier said than done. Use our Scholarship Search Tool

Types of scholarships

Needs Based Scholarships
Needs based scholarships are financial aid awarded to students based on financial need. To be eligible for needs-based scholarships, you are required to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Most of the time, you must be enrolled full-time and apply every academic year for this type of aid.
Merit Based Scholarships
Merit based scholarships are awarded to students who have achieved high honors in a certain area. That can include:
  • Academic accomplishments
  • Artistic Talents
  • Community Involvement
  • Athletic talent
  • More.
Eligibility for merit-based scholarships varies by organization and institution. You can also find scholarships based on:
  • Your favorite hobbies
  • Your family’s military status and,
  • Other community-based opportunities
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How to apply for scholarships
Always apply for FAFSA first. Find scholarships that interest you and that you are eligible for and apply. Make note of the deadlines. Get your recommendation letters. Write your scholarship essay. Here are tips on writing the perfect scholarship essay. Submit your completed application on time and check your inbox for winner announcements.
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How it works
Create your profile
It’s easy. Fill out some basic profile information to help us find scholarships you qualify for. Pro Tip: Create a new email for your scholarships. Important information won’t get lost with your personal emails and subscriptions.
See your scholarship matches
Browse your scholarship matches and favorite the ones that interest you. Another insider tip — if you qualify for it, you should apply. You see which scholarships are the best match for you and how well you fit the scholarship criteria.
Apply. Get money for college.
Keep track of the scholarships that interest you and track the ones you’ve applied for – all in one place. With our comprehensive tool, you’ll see all types of aid so you can get more money and make college more affordable.
Having your education paid for is more accessible when you have the right tools.

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