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What You Need To Know About Renewable Scholarships

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While winning a scholarship is great news, winning a renewable scholarship is even better. Unlike scholarships that offer winners a singular award, renewable scholarships offer money over multiple years. (Typically up to 4). This means, if the scholarship award amount is $2,000, the winner might get $2,000 annually for the next four years. A total …

Myth: Winning Scholarships Lowers Your Award Letter Money, So Don’t Apply For Them!

Applying to a government scholarship won't lower your award money mythsscholarship search & applications

This myth is only partly true. Winning a government scholarship will lower your award letter money. But this ONLY applies to your award letter money, which are the funds allotted to you by the school you choose to attend. It has absolutely no bearing on the total amount of scholarship money or any other funding …

How To Find Local Scholarships

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Scholarships are the best way to pay for college. It’s a good idea to spend a few hours every week to search and apply for scholarship opportunities. You can find thousands of scholarships being offered by: large and small businesses, non-profit organizations, religious groups, schools, and even individuals. There are national level and even local …

7 Tips For Winning Scholarships

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Spending time looking for scholarships to help pay for college is a great idea. But to maximize your efforts, you must implement tips that will help you win those hard-to-get awards. Scholarships tend to get very competitive. Sponsors receive hundreds of scholarship application letters for every scholarship opportunity and they can afford to be very …

Why You Should Write Scholarship Thank You Letters

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Scholarships play a key role in helping students reduce their overall debt while working towards achieving their academic goals. Students understand the importance of scholarships and work hard looking for and applying to opportunities to win some free money. Unfortunately, one thing many award recipients fail to do is write a scholarship thank you letter …