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Why You Should Write Scholarship Thank You Letters

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Scholarships play a key role in helping students reduce their overall debt while working towards achieving their academic goals. Students understand the importance of scholarships and work hard looking for and applying to opportunities to win some free money. Unfortunately, one thing many award recipients fail to do is write a scholarship thank you letter …

Do’s And Don’ts: Searching For Scholarships

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Scholarships are a fantastic source of free money to help pay for college. So how do scholarships work? Understanding is the key to making the most of the many scholarship opportunities available. How Do Scholarships Work? Scholarships are financial aid awards offered by different organizations to help students fund their college education. These organizations range from …

Why You Should Apply To Renewable Scholarships

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Ideally, you should apply to any and all scholarships that you qualify for, whether they are one-time or renewable. Winning any scholarship is cause for celebration – it’s free money to put towards college and reduces your overall student debt by the award amount.   The Appeal of Renewable Scholarships What makes renewable scholarships particularly …