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It’s finally November, which means it’s National Scholarship Month! Scholarships are free money, available for students of all ages to receive, to pay for their tuition, room, and board, and other college-related things. Current and future college students can apply for so many different scholarships. Even graduate students and high schoolers are eligible for some! …
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How Many Scholarships Can One Person Get?

It’s time to be looking for scholarships, and you may be wondering, what’s the limit? How many scholarships can one person really get? There is actually no limit! So how many scholarships should you apply for? What kinds of scholarships should you look at? How Many Scholarships Can You Actually Get? There is no limit …
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7 Common Scholarship Information Requirements

Every scholarship is different, from who it is for to the amount awarded. The information required for a scholarship application is also different. While some applications may be similar, other award organizations may ask for different information or material from their applicants. The most common scholarship requirements though tend to be your basic information, financial …
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How To Find Merit Scholarships You Can Qualify For

Academic and athletic scholarships are the two biggest merit scholarship categories, but they aren’t the only ones. Merit scholarships also encompass all scholarships that you are eligible for based on the sponsor’s criteria and they do not take financial need into consideration. Doing a general search for merit scholarships can throw up thousands of opportunities. …
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Am I Too Late to Apply To Scholarships?

Whether you’ve just graduated high school or you’re a sophomore in college, you may be asking yourself: “Am I too late to apply to scholarships?” The short answer is, “No, you’re not.” The long answer is, “It depends on the specific award.” Here’s what you need to know though about scholarships as you go through …