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Why You Should Apply To Renewable Scholarships

Wind turbines - like wind energy, scholarships can also be renewable scholarship search & applications
Ideally, you should apply to any and all scholarships that you qualify for, whether they are one-time or renewable. Winning any scholarship is cause for celebration – it’s free money to put towards college and reduces your overall student debt by the award amount.   The Appeal of Renewable Scholarships What makes renewable scholarships particularly …
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How to Get Involved with Your Community and Earn Scholarship Application Kudos

Two female volunteers are repairing the road of the Wonderland Trail. scholarship search & applications
Community service not only helps your community, but it helps you too. Scholarship sponsors look forward to rewarding students who are active in their communities in any capacity. Their main goal is to offer financial support to students who are active in their communities and schools. These students are more likely to come back to …
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Scholarship Tip: Get to Know the Sponsor

A student in the library starring at her black mac laptop. scholarship search & applications
Scholarships are a large part of the college search; students often choose colleges that offer them large amounts of scholarship money. Sometimes, scholarships amounts are large enough to fund a student’s entire tuition.  You are sure to have come across many tips and tricks for winning scholarships, but  students tend to overlook one of the …
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A Neat Tip to Help with Your Scholarship Essays: Record Your Voice

Here's a scholarship essay tip: record your voice! scholarship search & applications
For many students, the worst part about applying for scholarships is writing the essay. In fact, it can be enough of a deterrent to turn students off from applying entirely. There are a number of ways to make writing an essay easier—outlining, using humor, picking an engaging topic, etc.—but here’s another one of those scholarship …
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