How To Craft The Ideal Scholarship Application Letter

A scholarship application is made up of several components. One of the most important parts is the scholarship application letter. You’ll want to pay special attention to it, and put a lot of effort into crafting it. The letter might just make or break your chances.

Think of this as a cover letter where you introduce yourself and explain why you think you deserve to win this specific scholarship and how the award could help you achieve your academic and career goals.

With hundreds of students applying, review committees read through application letters to trim the pool of applicants.

These few tips will help you.

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Establish a Formal Tone in Your Scholarship Application Letter

While a scholarship might be about a personal moment, your tone should maintain some formality. You don’t have to go full academic necessarily, but definitely don’t use slang or chat-speak. You can make your scholarship letter sound like you while still being professional.

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Customize Your Application Letter For Each Scholarship

Different scholarships are awarded for different purposes. You must take great care to ensure that your application letter matches the context of the scholarship.

For example, when applying to a scholarship for plant science, you will want to talk about your interest, accomplishments or future goals specifically in plant science. Highlighting your interests in math or physics will not earn you any points for this particular scholarship.

Applying for a scholarship awarded to student inventors? Your application letter must demonstrate your passion for inventing things. Talking briefly about your past inventions, even those that didn’t go as planned will pique the reader’s interest. This will increase the chances that they will want to read the rest of your application.

Your Scholarship Application Letter Must Address These Two Points

Two of the most important points that you must address in your application letter are:

  1. Why you are deserving of this particular award – this is where you showcase your interest or skills in a field relevant to the scholarship.
  2. How you will put the scholarship award to good use – you can do this by providing details on what you plan to do with the education that you receive.

Don’t Forget to Proofread Your Letter

This is so very important. You may have been so focused on the content of the letter, that some grammatical or spelling mistakes may have slipped by unnoticed. These little errors can make the difference between a successful application and one that didn’t make the grade.

After writing your scholarship application letter, keep it aside for a day and look through it the next day with fresh eyes. Asking another person to read your letter is always a good idea as they are more likely to look through it objectively and spot any mistakes that you’ve overlooked.

Writing a scholarship application letter takes time and careful thought but it’s worth it when you consider the reward that you stand to win.

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