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6 of the Best Desks for College Students

A college student's dorm desk with computer, plant, phone, and writing utensils. student life
The best study sessions require the right tools and environment. Key in any student’s study toolkit is a good, solid desk. Every college student needs a good desk to study at and store their school supplies. We’ve rounded up six of the best desks for high school and college students.  Industrial Style Folding Desk by …
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6 Interesting Gifts for Engineering Majors

The Dames Point Suspension Bridge in Jacksonville, FL. student life
Engineering majors are the future builders, designers, and makers that the world desperately needs. Given the demand for engineers of all kinds, it’s no surprise that it’s a very popular major and profession. Reward someone’s hard work with these 6 great gifts for engineers or engineering majors.  3D Wooden Puzzle by Sharp Brain Zone Comes …
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6 Pencil Cases for College Students

Two dozen sharpened red pencils student life
There’s no symbol that personifies learning and school quite like the humble pencil. It’s a staple of back to school shopping lists everywhere. Even with laptops being so popular with note-taking, it’s always ideal to carry around some pens and pencils with you to class. And if you want to keep things organized, you’re going …
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5 Things to Inspire Staying Healthy in College

College student holding an apple student life
New year, new you. That’s a common phrase come January 1st, but it can also apply to a school year. Many incoming college freshmen resolve to make their first year the year to reinvent themselves. Very often, a healthy lifestyle tops the list of things they resolve to do. Of course, it’s always easier said …
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6 Bedding Sets Perfect for College Dorms

College student sleeping in her dorm bed student life
When it comes to dorm living, you often have to supply your own bedding. However, getting your own sheets is a great opportunity to let your style and personality shine through. You’ll be living in your dorm room for at least a semester, if not longer. It’s worth taking the time to look for a …
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Hidden Gems in the Northwest | 2020 Rankings

Northwest Hidden Gems Badge hidden gems 2020
Ah, the Northwest. Known for innovative ideas, beautiful landscapes, diverse geography, and interesting culture. Another thing to add to that list: great schools of all sizes. While many of the Northwest schools have recognizable names, there are many good Northwest schools that aren’t quite as well known. That’s why we wanted to highlight some! For …
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Hidden Gems in the Northeast | 2020 Rankings

Northeast Hidden Gems Badge hidden gems 2020
The Northeast region of the United States is known as a powerhouse for amazing colleges. But under the shadow of so many historic and big name schools, some fall by the wayside. So we wanted to highlight some incredible Hidden Gem colleges located in the Northeast. For the purposes of this list, we’ve included the …
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Hidden Gems in the Midwest | 2020 Rankings

Midwest Hidden Gems Badge hidden gems 2020
Like the schools featured here, the Midwest is an often overlooked region of the United States. Much more than flyover country, the Midwest is home to bustling industry, vital farms, friendly people, and some of the best colleges.  For the purposes of this list, we’ve included the following states as part of the Midwest region: …
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