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5 Great Calculators for College Students

Whether you’re taking college courses in high school or starting your first year of college, you need a calculator you can rely on! This list of calculators will help you find the perfect match for your needs, wants, and budget, including some additional information on what you should look for in a calculator for your …
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11 Awesome Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

At no extra cost to you, College Raptor may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.  Teaching is one of the most important professions someone could have. They are shaping the minds of the next generation after all! Teachers are the real gift, so they deserve a few trinkets and presents of …
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What is ROTC?: A 2-Minute Guide

ROTC, or The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, is a military program through colleges that prepares students for their military careers as an officer. There are plenty of benefits to joining the ROTC, but it is not a decision that is to be made lightly as students are making a commitment to joining the military after …
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A Quick Guide to Free Community Colleges

In certain states, yes, community colleges can be entirely free! Not all states offer these types of programs, however, and many of them have restrictions on eligibility. But if you qualify, you could very well receive a free ride to community college! Keep reading to learn more about which states have programs, who qualifies, and …
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Do Community Colleges Have Dorms?

A majority of community colleges do not have dorms available to their students. While there are definitely exceptions, they are rare. Most 4-year colleges and universities offer some sort of student housing. Here’s a deeper dive into why community colleges don’t tend to have dorms, plus a rundown of your other options if you need …
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Choosing a Roommate: Friend or Randomly Assigned

Getting a roommate assignment (or choosing one if you are allowed) while you’re in college is one of the most exciting things! It’s a friend you get to live with, share meals with, and share everything together! For some, that doesn’t sound as exciting but when you’re living with the right roommates, it can be. …