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Hidden Gem Colleges in the US | 2021 Rankings

hidden gems 2021
Sometimes the best things are hidden in plain sight. That’s true for colleges as well. The best college for you might be one you haven’t heard of before! That’s why we wanted to celebrate schools that could be considered underrated colleges, or as we like to call them, Hidden Gems. This list in particular highlights …
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Top 25 Best Research Colleges in the US | 2021 Rankings

Best Research Colleges badge 2021 university rankings
The aptly named “research colleges” put a large emphasis on research from both students and faculty. Many of America’s best universities and colleges fall under the research category. They make impressive advancements in the sciences every single year. With top-notch professors, resources, and programs, the universities and colleges featured on this list are the pinnacles …
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Top 25 Best Liberal Arts Colleges in the US | 2021 Rankings

Best Liberal Arts Colleges badge 2021 university rankings
The Liberal Arts encompass a wide variety of subjects — from English to Business to Psychology. That means encouraging students to explore subjects outside of their major and have a truly holistic education. Liberal arts colleges also typically have smaller student bodies, which means students will find a tight-knit community and unique campus culture. We …
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Top 25 Best Private Colleges in the US | 2021 Rankings

Best Private Colleges badge 2021 university rankings
There are private universities in the US older than the country itself! Many of the best colleges in America are private, many are even household names. Rich with history, private colleges can go on to produce equally historic alumni. Private colleges tend to be nonprofit institutions that are funded internally through endowments and donations. Because …
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Top 25 Best Colleges in the Southeast US | 2021 Rankings

Best southeast colleges badge 2021 university rankings
Delicious southern food, heart-warming southern hospitality, and quality southern education, the southeast region is known for that and plenty more. For the purposes of this list, we’re considering the following states as part of the southeast: Alabama, Arkansas, Flordia, Georgia, Kentucky, Lousiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia. It’s a large region …
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Top 25 Best Colleges for Public Health in the US | 2021 Rankings

Best colleges for Public Health majors badge 2021 university rankings
To say that Covid-19 has taken the world by storm would be a massive understatement. The pandemic has highlighted the immense importance of public health measures. Given the wide-reaching impact, we wanted to salute the heroes in the public health fields and highlight some colleges that are ideal for public health majors. For this list, …
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