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6 Decorative Door Mats for College Students

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Everyone loves to feel welcome, especially when visiting a home away from home. Whether you are living in a dorm room or you have chosen to rent an apartment, make your living space feel more inviting with one of these great door mats for college students. DII Natural Coir Fiber Door Mat Made from coconut …

How Can I Research Colleges Near Me?

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One important factor to consider when searching for your college choices is do you want to go to school in another state, somewhere nearby, or somewhere in between? If you decide to go to college near your hometown, you’ll definitely want to search for “colleges near me.” Here are some tips to find and research …

Creating A Final Choice College Checklist

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Sending out college applications is both expensive and time-consuming. So you want to make sure that you have narrowed down your college list as much as possible. The only schools you apply to should tick all the boxes on your final choice college checklist. But how do you cultivate that checklist? Why It’s Important to …

5 Books to Read that Make Studying and Schoolwork Easier

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Nobody ever said high school and college are easy. Studying is difficult, as is memorizing information for a test. Fortunately, there are books and experts out there that can help make tackling school easier. Ever wanted to make studying and schoolwork simpler and become a better student? You’ll definitely want to add these five to …