99+ Interesting Research Paper Topics

Coming up with good research paper topics can sometimes be a daunting task, as it can take you down various paths or even leave you with a blank page. The most challenging part of writing a paper is often coming up with the initial idea. To help you get started, here are numerous research paper ideas that can inspire you, and enable you to draft a paper with a fresh perspective. The ideas are categorized into fields of study or areas of interest, so you can explore a new angle in your research paper topic.

Research Ideas for the Sciences

So many research papers fall within the sciences and breaking them down or connecting the sciences encompasses entire fields of study. Here are the 3 main areas of science and a few tip-of-the-iceberg topics in each area.

Social Sciences

Social sciences include psychology, sociology, economics, education, history, law, linguistics, political science, philosophy and more. Some interesting research ideas in these fields are:

  1. A list of good research topics.The Psychology of Decision Making: Behavioral Economics Insights
  2. The Intersection of Art and Science: Exploring Creativity
  3. The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories: A Cognitive Perspective
  4. Psychological Effects of Space Travel on Astronauts
  5. The Psychology of Addiction: Understanding Substance Abuse
  6. The Effects of Music on the Brain and Emotions
  7. The Sociology of Deviance: Understanding Social Norms

Earth Sciences

Earth sciences or physical sciences include chemistry, biology, physics, geology, medicine, astronomy, botany, zoology, ecology, and more. There are always more interesting topics to research in these areas.

  1. Exploring the Origins of the Universe: Big Bang Theory vs. Multiverse Theory
  2. Enhancing Creativity through Neuroscience Research
  3. The Physics of Black Holes: Mysteries and Discoveries
  4. The Future of Space Exploration: Mars Colonization and Beyond
  5. Quantum Mechanics: The Strange World of Subatomic Particles
  6. Green Chemistry: Sustainable Solutions for Environmental Problems

Formal Sciences

Formal sciences are a branch of science concerned with structures described by formal systems. They include math, logic, engineering, data and information sciences, statistics, and decision theory. Formal sciences are often found in fields of study such as business, engineering, computer science, and data analytics.

  1. Ethical Implications of Big Data Analytics
  2. Green Buildings: Sustainable Architecture and Design
  3. Social Media Analytics and Its Impact on Marketing Strategies
  4. Predictive Analytics in Healthcare
  5. Data Visualization Techniques and Their Impact on Decision-Making

Problem-Solving Research Paper Topics

A great way to choose a good research topic is to consider a problem that you’d like to see solved.

Climate and Climate Change

  1. The Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity
    1. Specifically: Marine Biodiversity
  2. Food Security in a Changing Climate: Sustainable Solutions
  3. The Economics of Climate Change: Mitigation vs. Adaptation
  4. Environmental Pollution and Public Health: Addressing the Global Crisis
  5. Sustainable Water Management in Arid Regions
  6. The Physics of Climate Change: Understanding the Greenhouse Effect
  7. The Future of Renewable Energy: Innovations and Challenges
  8. Disaster Preparedness and Response: Lessons from Recent Events

Artificial Intelligence and Technological Security

  1. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Opportunities and Challenges
  2. Cybersecurity in the Age of the Internet of Things (IoT)
  3. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education
  4. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: Ensuring Accountability and Transparency

Social Justice

  1. Social Justice in Healthcare: Addressing Health Inequities
  2. Gender Pay Gap: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions
  3. Gender Equality in STEM Fields: Challenges and Solutions
  4. The Impact of Social Determinants on Health Disparities
    1. Alternative: Health Disparities among Minority Populations: Causes and Solutions
  5. The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination

Good Research Topics for Today’s World

The world is changing at a faster and faster pace. Keep tabs on what’s new with a topic that addresses what is happening now, and how we should see it move into the future.

Emerging Technology

  1. Quantum Computing: Revolutionizing Information Technology
  2. E-Waste Management: Challenges and Solutions
  3. Cultural Impact of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Technologies
  4. Nanotechnology: Applications and Future Prospects

Media and Communications

  1. Sustainable Fashion: Reducing Environmental Impact
  2. Globalization and Cultural Identity: Challenges in a Connected World
  3. Social Media Influencers and Consumer Behavior

Law and Ethics

  1. The Ethics of Animal Testing in Scientific Research
  2. The Intersection of Technology and Privacy Rights
  3. The Ethics of Genetic Engineering: Balancing Risks and Benefits


  1. The Future of Work: Remote Work and its Implications
  2. Robotics in Industry: Automation and Job Displacement
  3. The Psychology of Decision Making: Insights from Behavioral Economics
  4. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology: Opportunities and Challenges
  5. The Impact of Tourism on Local Communities and Environments
  6. The Future of Work: Automation and Job Market Trends

Researching History (and It’s Revival)

History repeats itself. At least, we may be doomed to repeat errors of the past if we don’t learn from them. Share your insights with a well-researched paper connecting history to today.

Culture and Politics

  1. Cultural Influences on Human Behavior: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
  2. The Politics of Climate Change: International Cooperation and Conflict

Language and Literature

  1. Evolution of Language: From Primates to Modern Humans
  2. Literary Translation and Cultural Exchange
  3. Gender Representation in Literature

Developing Countries to Empires

  1. Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainable Resource Management
  2. Empire-Building and Cultural Exchange
  3. The Role of Foreign Aid in Development
  4. The Impact of Colonialism on Economic Development


  1. Secularism and Religion in Modern Society
  2. Religion and Ethics
  3. Interfaith Dialogue and Religious Pluralism
  4. The Creation and Evolution of Religion

Interesting Human Nature Research Ideas

From birth to death, we’re interesting and evolving creatures. What does the latest research tell us about ourselves?

Genetics and Aging

  1. The Role of Genetics in Athletic Performance
  2. The Biology of Aging: Mechanisms and Interventions
  3. Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease: Current Research and Treatment Strategies
  4. Precision Medicine: Tailoring Treatment to Individual Genetic Profiles
  5. The Role of Genetics in Personality Traits
  6. Aging Population: Healthcare Challenges and Innovations

Needs and Desires

  1. The Impact of Sleep on Cognitive Functioning
  2. Psychological Effects of Social Media Use among Adolescents
  3. The Physiology of Stress: Effects on Health and Well-being
  4. Aging and Cognition: Understanding Cognitive Decline
  5. The Psychology of Happiness: Factors Influencing Well-being
  6. Neuroplasticity and its Implications for Learning and Memory

Human Connection

  1. Cultural Diversity in Education: Promoting Inclusivity
  2. Smart Cities: Integrating Technology for Sustainable Development
  3. Cyberbullying: Impact on Mental Health among Adolescents
  4. Urbanization and Mental Health: Exploring the Connection
  5. Sustainable Transportation Solutions for Urban Areas
  6. The Impact of Technology on Human Relationships

Mental Health

  1. Promoting Mental Health Awareness in Schools: Strategies and Challenges
  2. The Neuroscience of Addiction: Understanding Brain Mechanisms
  3. Long-Term Mental Health Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons for the Future
    1. Alternative: Long-Term Physical Health Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  4. Mental Health First Aid: Training and Implementation Strategies
  5. The Role of Exercise in Mental Health Treatment
  6. Alternative Therapies for Mental Health Disorders
  7. Mental Health Stigma: Breaking the Barriers to Treatment
  8. Enhancing Cognitive Function through Brain-Computer Interfaces

Physical Health and Medicine

  1. Antibiotic Resistance: A Growing Global Health Threat
  2. The Role of Microbes in Human Health and Disease
  3. Artificial Organs: Advancements in Biomedical Engineering
  4. Advancements in Cancer Immunotherapy
  5. Emerging Infectious Diseases: Global Health Risks and Preparedness
  6. The Role of Gut Microbiota in Digestive Health

Research Topics About Our World

We only have one Earth (so far), so research ways for us to make the most of our planet and work with it, instead of against it.

Environmental Topics

  1. Sustainable Urban Development: Strategies for Future Cities
  2. Renewable Energy Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities
  3. Environmental Justice: Equity in Environmental Decision-Making
  4. Marine Conservation: Protecting Our Oceans and Seas
  5. Wildlife Conservation in Developing Countries
  6. Urban Heat Islands: Causes, Effects, and Mitigation Strategies
  7. Renewable Energy Policy: Lessons from Around the World

Animal Life

  1. Genetic Engineering and Its Ethical Implications
  2. The Role of Microplastics in Marine Ecosystems
  3. Wildlife Trafficking: Threats to Biodiversity and Conservation Efforts

Food and Agriculture

  1. Climate Change and Food Security: Challenges for Agricultural Systems
  2. Urban Farming: Sustainable Food Production in Cities
  3. Sustainable Agriculture Practices: Feeding the Growing Population

How to Choose a Good Research Topic

The best way to choose a research topic is to make sure it’s something you’re interested in. Even if the course doesn’t inspire your passions, find a topic you want to learn more about or include a spin on the topic that pulls you in. Here are some questions that you can ask yourself when determining a research paper topic:

  • What do I enjoy reading or learning about?
  • What questions do I have when I sit in class?
  • What problem do I want to see solved in my lifetime?
  • What interesting rabbit hole have I gone down recently?
  • What ‘Why’ question do I want to see answered?
  • What topics have I studied that have left me curious or intrigued?
  • What gaps or unanswered questions exist in my area of interest?
  • What current issues relate to my field of study?
  • What topic will have real-world implications?
  • What audience do I want to benefit from my research?

Don’t agonize over finding good research topics. Ask yourself a few pointed questions, let your mind wander a bit, and give yourself a few starter ideas with this list. You’ll soon find yourself immersed in a topic you love, pen (or keyboard) flowing.

Choosing a paper topic is often tougher than choosing a major, but if you’re still exploring which field of study to enter, browse for College Majors with our tool, or read this article on considerations when choosing a major. You’re well on your way to a degree!

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