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College Trends: More Bachelor’s Degrees in Community Colleges

Can you get a bachelor’s degree at a community college? That’s a question that all students have when anyone suggests looking into community college. The question is not surprising. Up until a few years ago, community colleges didn’t offer bachelor’s degrees. The good news is that’s changed over the past few years. Today, there’s a …
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Searching for Online Colleges

Do you want to stay home and attend school online? It’s entirely possible! Plenty of colleges now offer classes online – and some are entirely over the internet, too. Here are some tips on what you should look for in an online college and some of the best virtual schools available to students. Should You …
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Which Colleges Rank at the Top when Test Scores are Thrown Out?

College entrance exams have long been a key element of the application process. However, in recent years, more and more schools have decided to make the tests optional or not required at all. Additionally, many schools chose to go test-optional during the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the increased number of colleges becoming test-optional, it begs the …
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What are Regional Exchange Universities?

When searching for your college, you may be ruling schools out because they simply cost too much, especially if they’re out of state. You might want to hold off on crossing them out though! Regional Exchange Universities or Programs can be exactly what you need to go to a school in a nearby state without …
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Pros and Cons of Going Out-of-State for College

While you’re putting your list together of potential colleges, you may want to consider adding a few out-of-state colleges and universities. There are pros and cons that come with going out of state for college, so it’s important to weigh all your options before making a decision when you receive those acceptance letters. Here are …
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Creating A Balanced College List

It can be tempting to create a list consisting of only the top ten favorite colleges. But that strategy can backfire. You may end up with a list of colleges that you like but are not necessarily the best fit for you. Liking a school doesn’t automatically make it a good future college. For example, …