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Regional Gems: West & South

At College Raptor, we help students find colleges that fit them financially, socially, and academically–which means looking at more than just big-name universities. That’s why we’re drawing attention to smaller colleges across the nation which deserve consideration but may be initially overlooked because of their size. As a continuation of our series on hidden gem …
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Regional Gems: Northeast

Many people automatically associate education in the Northeast with the Ivy League. But students desiring a world-class education don’t have to focus on those 8 schools. There are many great, smaller colleges in the Northeast where undergraduates can receive a valuable and meaningful education. To bring attention to these smaller and perhaps lesser-known colleges, College …
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Hidden Gems: The Best Colleges In Each State That Receive Fewer than 5,000 Applications Per Year

College Raptor aims to help students find their best fit colleges, academically, culturally, and financially. While big colleges can be a great fit for some students, others do better on smaller campuses. To bring attention to small colleges around the country, we’ve developed this map highlighting the top hidden gem college in each state. In …
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2 Key Statistics For College Cost Comparison: Graduation Rate and Retention Rate Explained

When we’re researching, visiting, or comparing colleges, we often want to know what percentage of students get in, but few of us ask these two very important questions: “How many stay?” and “How many get out with a degree?” College graduation rates and college retention rates are often critical to deciding if a college is a good …
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Is Lower Student Debt More Important than a Big Name School for Thriving After College?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal (no subscription required) proclaims “Elite Colleges Don’t Buy Happiness for Graduates.”  The thesis of the article is that empirical data shows that a college’s reputation does not guarantee success in the workplace. Gallup surveyed more than 30,000 college graduates drawn from colleges and universities across the selectivity …
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Strategies for Determining Most Affordable Schools: The Ivy League

There are potentially many factors that go into building a portfolio of schools when considering your college application options. Academic fit, cost, geography, major field of study, extracurricular offerings and athletics are some of the top considerations.  MyCollegePrice offers an easy way to combine some of these quickly and easily as you try to winnow …
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Creating More Accurate College Net Price Estimates

If you’re a prospective college student, you may be pulling your hair out when going through the shopping process. Not just because of all of the hoops you’re made to jump through and paperwork you need to fill out — but also because of how misleading college cost estimates can be. Many estimates can be …